What course in school is SAT ll Lit. really part of?

<p>^ yea i want to know which course in school really covers sat lit.</p>

<p>chances are no course 'covers' it, it's just general reading skills. it's basically like the critical reasoning section of the regular sat but harder. for prep you should mainly just focus on taking practice tests to get a hang of the skills it wants.</p>

<p>Got a 37/60 Raw Score on the Barrons practice test - ouch</p>

<p>That's gotta be like a 500 ?:P</p>

<p>I would say AP English (Literature more so than Language) pretty much covers the formatting and the general thought process. I felt that the SAT Lit was much like multiple choice in AP English. Of course, nothing covers the exact passages.</p>

<p>I think AP Lit. Although AP Lit MC is much more difficult than SAT Lit</p>

<p>Don't get hung up on the barron's. It is usually harder and covers excess stuff/terms you won't need. There really aren't as many lit terms on the test as people (especially test prep book makers who need to make a book look huge) would have you believe. I had a Kaplan book but never took any tests beyond the initial one and glanced over terms twice. Got a 780 on CR in may, got 750 on the lit in Jun after taking AP lang. AP lit MC this year is MUCH harder than the SAT II imo. The SAT II was actually kind of easy I thought, except for one passage which was a complete and utter mind**** meant to separate the scores</p>