What courses/ extra-curriculars should I take/do for a undergraduate business degree?

<p>I am 15 years of age, a sophomore in high school. I am curious as to what type of courses I should take my junior year to prove my competence. Also, what types of extra-curricular activities should I participate in to make an outstanding application? Here are some of my stats:</p>

<p>(NOTE: Sophomores attending my school are only allowed to take humanities courses in English and History, and only Integrated Science 2 for science. </p>

1. CP English Humanities 10 = A-
2. CP Humanities 10 U.S. History = A
3. CP Geometry = B
4. P.E. Weight Training = A
5. Spanish 2 = A-
6. Concert Orchestra = A
7. Integrated Science 2 = A-</p>

- Star Boy Scout.
- Volunteer for the mentally disabled 5 hours weekly.
- Volunteer at local senior center 2 hours weekly.
- Concertmaster of String Orchestra Freshman year.
- Member of Red Cross of Orange County Chapter.
- Recipient of the “Outstanding Musicianship Award” Freshman year. </p>


<p>AP macroeconomics
AP microeconomics</p>

<p>both are easier ap courses.</p>