What courses should I do academic renewal on?

Hi everyone! My goal is to transfer to any UC. My major is bioengineering/biology, whichever major is offered at the UC I apply to. I spoke with my counselor about 2 months ago. She told me to apply for academic renewal in October. The academic renewal at my cc disregards up to 5 courses of previous unsatisfactory coursework for earned grades of D, F, NP or NC.

Today, I have decided to review my transcript from my cc. I’m a 2016 high school grad. I went to my local cc and have been there on and off. The most difficult course I have taken has been Calculus I. I took it 3 times already and I’m currently taking it a 4th time at a different cc. This year has been really difficult for many of us but it has definitely motivated me to do better and I’ve noticed because I have an A in my calc course so far!

These are all the courses I can apply for academic renewal:

  • Autobiography of Civil (D)
  • Calculus I (D)
  • Biological Anthropology (F)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (D, retaken already)
  • Statistics (F)
  • American Gov’t/PoliSci I (F, retaken already)
  • Fundamentals of CS (F)
  • Introduction to Programming (F, retaken already)
  • General Chemistry I (D, retaken already)
  • Guidance class (D)
  • Calculus I (D)
  • Calculus I (D)

Obviously, these aren’t all the classes I’ve taken. Some of these I have retaken like mentioned and passed. I’m asking for advice, for input. I’m excited to boost my gpa, even if it’s just a little.


UCs allow grade replacement in GPA for repeated D or F grades, although all grades are reported.

So it may be best to use AR on courses which you will not repeat. It looks like you have five such courses. If there are more than the number you can cancel with AR, then prioritize by lower grade and higher number of units (you may have to do some math to see if removing a lower unit F versus a higher unit D helps your GPA more).

Note, however, that courses which you use AR on must still be reported on the UC application: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/how-to-apply/files/presenting-yourself-uc-application-transfer.pdf .

Check directly with UC to find out if they affect GPA calculations. It looks like UC web sites used to say that AR courses are not included in GPA calculations, but that is no longer the case, although some non-UC web sites still quote the old UC web sites on the matter.

You’ve been really helpful in making AR easier to understand for me. Thank you so much. I am excited to alter my transcript.

You don’t need academic renewal for courses that have been retaken. The new grades expunge the old.