What date should I set for my SAT? Also I have zero idea of how to prepare for the SAT. Help?

I have two dates to chose for the SAT August 25th or October 6th. August is during the summer so I’ll have zero other commitments, but I’ll only have a month for studying. The October date will give me an extra month to study, but I’ll be in school which might complicate things.

On to my other question. How do I even study for this thing? How many hours should I study a day? My first SAT I studied for maybe 3-4 hours total and got 1190. This time around I plan to actually put effort in. I got the SAT college board study guide book that’s like 1,000 pages thick and I’m using khan academy and making a notebook. Any other tips?

Are you a rising Junior or Senior?

Senior unfortunately.

Link your Collegeboard account to Kahn so that the KA tool gets your actual results from the first test. It will then tailor your prep to focus on what you need to work on. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better sense of how much time you’ll need.

Go to the College Board and download the free practice tests. I also recommend Khan Academy because they will customize a program according to your PSAT results. Good luck!

Look at the “xiggi and silverturtle method” on this forum.