What degree fits my interests?

I am itnerested in music production, software development, app development, design, marketing, and audio engineering. I was looking heavily into the music technology degree but I don’t know if it is right. I’m a little lost.

The problem is that terminology varies widely for these things and each college has a program that will fit some of what you want, maybe some also fit all of it, but you have to really really look at the websites carefully.

There are some recent threads on this topic and you might want to read some of the links that Spirit Manager provided on one of the threads.

Music technology, audio production, studio production, music production, audio engineering, studio composition, music industry, music business, electronic music, computer music, sonic arts are all terms used. You might want to also look into any intersection with computer science or software engineering.

NYU, William Paterson, Berklee, Northeastern, UMass Lowell in the NY/MA area; UMichigan has the PAT program. Ithaca, Hartt, UC Denver, College of St. Rose, Belmont, Miami Frost are all possible schools to look at.

Also check out Oberlin’s TIMARA and Brown’s MEME programs.

Many have auditions or portfolios required but not all. Decide if you want to be primarily on the creative end of the technical end, meaning studio work. Composing, even in classical programs, now involves electronics, but the kinds of career-oriented paths you may be envisioning may be primarily technical work in a studio.

The other threads have more schools…good luck!