What Did You Do Last Night?

This can be any ‘last night’ going forward…

I’m on a bit of a ‘high’… I saw my D last night, for an impromptu picnic on the beach. I have not seen D in several months, mainly due to differing lifestyles ie we SAH as much as we can, H more than I. Anyway, I digress… DH & I met D and her friend at the beach, and I brought dinner (and wine for me).

Life has not always been a straight line with D, but last night, I was so happy to see her. Her male friend was pleasant and easy to talk to, she left the combat gear at home, and we had a lovely few hours just chatting, I took a few photos, and we just generally enjoyed each other’s company. When we parted, much to H’s horror (covid) and her surprise, I gave her a hug and a kiss on the head, through my mask. On the way home, H mentioned to me that he was surprised I did, I told him if that’s the last thing I do, I’ll die happy.

As a side note, D claims her male friend is not a boyfriend, but I have my doubts. He made several references to her as if they were a couple, but I pretended I didn’t hear :slight_smile:

That sounds lovely. So happy you had a nice visit with her!

I spent over an hour on the phone with my sophomore D who we dropped off at school almost a week ago. She sounds happy and it was great to catch up!

I went bar hopping, unmasked. Each one was more crowded than the last! We partied until the wee hours of the morning.

Just kidding. We watched TV like we have pretty much every night for the last 5 months. Last night we watched “The Perfect Storm” with younger S. He had never seen it. I didn’t realize it was 20 years old.

We played Sushi Go Party after having a fun dinner, movie, and conversation together (H, youngest, his wife, myself - all of us living here). Earlier that day we had been out mowing and similar farm work, so relaxing in the evening was nice.

The extra bonus was I won. :slight_smile:

We finally watch Hamilton after having take out Chinese for dinner. Almost seemed like a pre Covid evening with dinner and a movie, even if it was at home. Neither my husband or I were on our computers while watching Hamilton, something we usually do when watching tv.

DH brought home Thai take-out, we watched TV (NCIS and Endeavour). After DH went to bed, I watched Act II of Hamilton (again) and wrestled with stitching quilt layers together. Taking a break from mask making while it’s quiet.

I stressed about college apps, and decided to be more proactive when it comes to writing my essays. I’m on this forum constantly because I have so many questions and I’m so indecisive. I also feel more connected through this forum because corona keeps me indoors a lot (same for everyone else). I appreciate everyone’s activity because interaction through CC makes me feel more productive.

As for your story, I’m glad you find your D’s “boy” friend as a good person. Acceptance from parents is sometimes rolled off as “not a big deal,” but I know that for most kids, parental acceptance means so much to them. I’m also glad your D has found a great guy. Support and love, which you seem to be great at, is so helpful in fostering young-adult relationships. Wish I was that lucky lol.

We’re very boring. DH has been working from home since March and we drive to his office (about 45 min) once a month so he can get his bin full of mail. While there, we hit a mom & pop bakery around the corner (they make these awesome ginger molasses cookies) and stop at Trader Joe’s. Dinner was TJ’s chicken enchiladas and Chimichurri rice and those cookies while watching Tiny Creatures on Netflix.

Oy – too boring. Dinner was leftover spareribs (for me) and leftover chicken shishkabob (for DH). Actually, maybe not that boring: I facetimed with my 18-month-old granddaughter and read her some books I got from the library. She kisses the computer screen in an effort to kiss me. I love it. She’s also got some vocabulary now, and when I read her the books and showed her the pictures of the animals in the books, she makes the appropriate noises to go with the animals.

I haven’t seen her since her first birthday in February.

Watched TV and ordered a cherry pitter from Amazon. The fruit has been exceptionally sweet and, relatively, inexpensive lately.

I have very sweet bing cherries and I’m hoping to make a pie with minimal sugar. I am planning on baking either very late at night, or very early in the morning, in order to minimize the AC in our house for the next week. We will be in the 100’s in our temperatures in Southern California!

I also got “green” pluots which I’ve never experienced and they were amazing! $.50 per pound at my local Ralph’s Grocery Store.

Sat in the dark, reading by flash light. Power was out.

We had dinner with my daughter last night. We moved to her into her college apartment for her senior year (really senior semester in that she will have an internship next spring and then graduate in May). We went to the same restaurant as we had for the prior 3 move in days so its become our tradition. They were operating at 50% capacity. Waited outside for a table. After dinner we made a quick stop at a grocery store for a few items for her. Quick good byes and then the drive back home (got home about 1:30 am).

We sat out on the neighbors’ driveway and drank (well, they did) and chatted, then came inside and labeled 2,000 GOTV postcards while watching TV. Had leftover takeout. Pleasant, productive evening.

D baked delicious desserts (key lime pie w meringue - awesome - best I’ve ever had - and tiramisu) for a close friend’s college send off. Nice with some port.

Watched the Yankees cream the Sox (and hope it happens again tonight)!

Last night we had the tasting meal from a nearby fancy restaurant. (They had a star, but have been demoted to a Michelin Bib.) This was celebrating our wedding anniversary a few days early because after reading Kitchen Confidential I won’t eat fancy restaurant food on a Monday! Watched the Star Trek Below Decks cartoon - it was okay, sillier than I expected and I dozed off.

Had a virtual happy hour with our son that turned out not to be so happy. He told us that it doesn’t look like we should make plans to drive out to see him over Thanksgiving because Army General Order #1 regarding the virus has not been modified yet to allow either him or us to travel to each other without quarantine or affecting his ability to work:

He’s hoping that Christmas is on the table.

We had an extra cocktail.

@ChoatieMom, that sucks!
Would he get paid for the quarantine time?

@ChoatieMom Might you be able to drive/travel to within 250 miles of his post and wait/quarantine yourselves for two weeks, before he joins you TG? If so, that might be a good workaround.

We had made pizza–dough from Whole Foods (too lazy to make our own), toppings were cherry tomatoes from our garden, fresh mozzarella, and Parmesan. D and boyfriend brought home black cherry ice cream from a local dairy. H had Green Mountain Ale, the rest of us shared a bottle of Sancerre (Domaine Vacheron). After dinner, we watched two episodes of West Wing. We’ve been watching for a few months now (never watched when it was on tv).