What did you do to prepare for US History?...

<p>I got a <700 after studying a lot, so kind of bummed about that... </p>

<p>What did you get and how did you prepare for it?</p>

<p>I took APUS. I think that's honestly the best way to prepare for it, so take the class if you can. If not, I don't know. Review book probably.</p>

<p>me too charlie, i took apus history (reputedly the hardest course at my school) and stil got a 690. I studied myself too, but i wish i would have more. bummed.</p>

<p>took apush didnt study at all and got 790</p>

<p>I took AP US (up to WWII), and read the Kaplan review book cover-to-cover. Got me a 790.</p>

<p>I took my school's regular class, didn't study, and got a 670. (The class skipped from 1800 to 1860, basically - that's what I'm blaming my score on :))</p>

<p>Any tips on review books? My school's APUSH is a joke.</p>

<p>I took APUSH and (here's the make-or-break review book) read AMSCO. I'm not kidding. Doing that (as long as you actually comprehend and can somewhat remember what you are reading) will help you greatly.</p>

<p>I also took a ton of sparknotes practice tests online the week before the test.</p>

<p>I ended up with an 800.</p>

<p>Charlie, I recommend getting the AMSCO book. It's an AP book, but I used it to study for both tests (770 on SAT II; probably a 5 on AP). I also took a few of those online sparknotes practice tests for the SAT II.</p>

<p>yea just read amsco nonstop for a few days b4 the test --> 750+</p>

<p>Took APUS, decided to take it instead of Physics on the day of the SAT IIs. I hadn't had enough time to study for Physics, and our school's physics classes don't cover optics or sound stuff, so I decided that taking Physics was a bad idea. So after Chem and Math IIC, I flipped a coin between Lit and APUS. </p>

<p>Got a 770, so I guess I'm glad it was tails?</p>

<p>ELorax, I did almost the exact same thing. I wasn't feeling good about Physics the night before so I decided to take another SAT II and settled on APUS. </p>

<p>Pretty good decision, as I got 790 on US and only 730 on Physics.</p>

<p>My school doesn't have APUSH, and our regular USH is kind of a joke...I studied out of the SAT USH for Dummies, which I found very useful, but I've never seen mentioned in any of these threads. I also took all of the sparknotes practice tests. Most importantly, I studied every single answer, whether wrong or right. That's HUGE.</p>

<p>Oh, one more thing. Any time one of the practice tests mentioned something I wasn't familiar with (even if I didn't necessarily need to know it in order to answer the question), I'd check it out on wikipedia or something. Also v. helpful.</p>