What did your comment on the acceptance letter say?

<p>or what part of your app did it refer to? Mine referred to my sense of humor essay lol. I don't want to say the exact comment since that might make me distinguishable >_<</p>

<p>mine was that they liked my artistic talents (i submitted art portfolio)
for friend #1 : their martial arts stuff is interesting
friend #2 : about this club they started
friend #3 (EA): very impressive math awards
friend #4(EA): his passion in math and science showed in his essays</p>

<p>i think they did this to ensure us that we aren't mistakes! xP</p>

<p>Caltech has a good music program. :)</p>

<p>that perhaps i can swim at caltech...
i suck at swimming but i like it a lot =P</p>

<p>congrats on USAMO.</p>

<p>that i could join the lit magazine</p>

<p>My comment was that they loved my essay...</p>

<p>^^ I think that's a common one. I got one like that too. </p>

<p>I think if you're not completely horrible at writing essays they give you that comment, since Techies usually aren't the best writers.</p>

<p>"Caltech has great opportunities for community service!!!"</p>

<p>That's what they wrote. I guess it refers to the commonapp essay I wrote.</p>

<p>Wow, they are really personalizing their letters...I just got a standard form letter.</p>

<p>It seems like almost everyone get a comment. That's what I like about caltech, being very personal and everything. </p>

<p>Mine says "Your essay about your brother is bautifully written!" I secretly suspect this is why I am accepted, lol.</p>

<p>Your work at Special Friends (a program for at-risk youth I volunteer at) is amazing.</p>

<p>"Your'e right! Be our first Narwhalist!"</p>

<p>Hahah don't ask. I laughed when I read that.</p>

<p>"Your debate experience is noteworthy"</p>

<p>made my speech coach about explode (she's old, so it wouldn't have been good...)</p>