What did your dog or cat get into?

@Publisher posted on another thread about his dog liking bacon, made me think of a few times my dogs got into something they should not have.

I had made a squash casserole for one of the Jewish holidays and had it sitting on the counter waiting to finish off in the over so I could take it to my aunt’s house hot. Went upstairs to get something and when I can down, I heard this faint clanging sound; It would happen every few minutes. Walked into the kitchen to see my bigger dog, literally on her tip toes, with her head turned, while licking the top of the casserole! The clanging was her tags hitting the Pyrex. She had only managed to reach a corner, but it had a nice dent in it. Because it had a topping, I just scooped out the corner where she had licked; it looked like someone just took out a portion.

When we get to my aunt’s house, I debate whether to say anything. Remember, it had not been baked prior to the dog, so any germs that might have been left, were killed in the oven :wink: I did tell my mother and aunt, but no one else. The first thing my uncle says when he gets to the table, is “Why didn’t you bring the entire dish?” We ended up telling most everyone later.

The smaller dog did the same thing, only thing time it was my son’s birthday cake. The lid was left propped opened as it was a golf theme and the golfer was tall. I had it on the dining room table so my son didn’t see it when he came home; he was in medical school and was coming home for the weekend. This dog managed to get enough of the cake, in the same fashion as his sister, tip toes and a side head tilt; they seem to have very long tongues! We ended up having to go to the emergency vet as it was evening, as I could not get him to vomit with the peroxide solution. While I was worried as it was a chocolate cake, the vet was more concerned with the sugar content consumed. When the vet came out, he mentioned the green color; I had to explain it was a cake of a gold course, so yes, lots of green icing! Publix gave us another cake at no charge when I showed them the picture.

Our dog years ago was on a low fat diet for pancreatitis. She became extremely good at opening the child proof trash can cabinet- one paw to push the level down and the other one to pull open the cabinet to get to the food.

Our current dog apparently likes wine (in a another life?) and will steal a lick when no one is looking. She does not do this with any other food or drink.

@rockymtnhigh2: Interesting comment about the wine. One of my dogs (female black lab mix) does the same, yet also does not do so with any other food or drink.

We have a puppy and I caught her licking the water/ice dispenser on the front of the refrigerator. She’s a larger breed and can reach a lot higher than her older toy breed brother.

This thread scares me as we just got onto a waiting list for our first puppy :lol:

When I was a kid, my mom left the Halloween candy she bought (Reese’s PB cups) on the kitchen table.
The next morning, the two bags were torn open. It wasn’t that the cat got into the candy that made her so mad - it was that the cat had actually chewed on every single piece of candy - every wrapper had at least one tooth hole in it!

Many years ago our then 6 year old Lab was a master counter surfer. We were seeing some guests out the front door and looking forward to an extra piece of pie once they left. We got back to the kitchen to discover that he had gotten the whole rest of the pie from the back of the counter and it was gone!

15 month old coonhound mix still countersurfs…ate an entire kringle last week (a kringle is like a large thin oval danish pastry but serves many…popular in and around Wisconsin).

Suffered no ill effects, except the wrath of family members who really look forward to the infrequent times a kringle is around.


We have a very tall 100lb black lab who can easily see the tops of our counters. So many things to list but the strangest thing was a big bag of flour from the floor of our pantry! First time he did it, I had been out for a bit and came home to find the bag ripped open and flour everywhere. I thought it was a one off. Then he did it again a few months later, shortly before the COVID shut down. I was gone less than 10 minutes and came home to find him hiding on the stairs, the bag once again shredded with flour everywhere, then flour footprints on the wood flour and stairs. He was staring back at me with flour all over his snout! The crazy thing is that there was a box of Cheerios on the floor of the pantry, right next to where the bag of flour had been. Why he would go for the flour, again, is beyond me. My other dog was completely uninterested both times (but she had her own moments of bad behavior!).

Other things I remember off the top of my head-the carcass of a rotisserie chicken, cupcakes, cookies, multiple loaves of pumpkin bread that were inside a Trader Joes bag on our dining room table, a sandwich my son had just finished making and turned his back for a minute. My other dog loves anything cardboard-boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls, even likes paper towels themselves, sole inserts inside sneakers (doesn’t chew them up but for some reason loves to pull them out). She has pulled many things off the counter, even chewed the tops off tupperware to get at the inside. She is much shorter/smaller than our lab but is a jumper and can easily reach anything.

Younger son and DIL had a small wedding at our city hall. Everyone – two small families, just both sets of parents and our older son – was at our house getting ready when FOB couldn’t find one of his custom orthotic shoes. Our black dog had made off with his black shoe right in front of everybody and was cozily in her crate nibbling gently away at it. The first one of us to recover the power of speech was MOB, who said very serenely “Oh, that means she likes you.”

We’ve only had one dog (RIP in February) and he was a gem never getting into anything like household items but who had a couple run in’s with food.

The time my daughter left a bagel in a ziplock sandwich bag on the kitchen table while she went upstairs for something - when she came down he was totally stuck on top of the table bagel ripped out of the bag but chicken to get back down. (he was a beagle corgi mix).

The time we had a pack of Amish sticky buns at our cottage placed on a cupboard what we thought was safely. He figured out how to jump on a bed and crawl across a table to get to the cupboard and the sticky buns.

The time we had a bday party for my mom and left the box with her cake in it on the dining room table. Someone left a dining room chair pulled out and he got up and helped himself to cake!

The non-food item…earlier in his life when we went to work and school he had full rein of the house because he was so good. He often once we all left went upstairs and settled himself on someone’s bed for the day. One day we came home and called his name and waited for him to bound down the stairs as he always did. We heard him coming down, but we also heard “clunk clunk clunk” - somehow he found an empty Amazon box someone left on the floor and it was stuck on his head!!! OMG when he appeared with that thing on his head!!! We laughed SOOO hard! (he was totally fine)

A side note of a NOT good story but with an ok ending…

My niece’s dog got into her cupboard a few weeks ago and ate a good amount of sugarless gum and hemp seeds (I think that’s what it was). I never knew that xylitol - the ingredient in sugarless gum is toxic for dogs. Pup ended up in the Pet ER and ICU for a couple of days - they were really worried about kidney failure. In the end they said that the hemp seeds may have saved her because they absorbed the xylitol and softened the blow to her system.

Moral of the story - keep gum away from pets!!!

My buddy (Bruce) once snagged 2 salmon burgers off the grill when I turned my back! Same buddy “broke into” my D’s suitcase after she’d come home from a trip to Israel. He scarfed all the “pop rocks” candies that she’d brought back for friends - these were the candies that made sparks in your mouth (kids loved eating them in dark rooms) - we can only imagine what he experienced. We laugh now, but then she was furious. as they were irreplaceable.

Not food but we looked down the other day and the dog had the baby’s pacifier in her mouth. She had eaten the entire rubber part (that goes in the baby’s mouth) and left the rest untouched! Sigh!

I know at least two people who had dogs learn to use the ice dispenser feature on their refrigerator door. Of course the dogs didn’t always eat all of the ice cubes and owners came home to little puddles scattered around the kitchen.

I have a cat who freaks out when I go out of town and do not have a sitter come in. (Just overnight, but gone 24 hours). He thinks he will starve and so liberates some food for himself and the other cats including 1) all the cat treats, 2) a loaf of bread, and 3) the worst, a bag of dried fish heads.

My son’s mini goldendoodle is SO entertained by an ice cube - she runs to the kitchen when she hears the ice maker!

One of our first dogs (chocolate lab) could open the refrigerator. She got many things including a honey-baked ham, pizza, etc… Our neighbor across the street was a caterer and someone’s, despite having a fenced yard, she would somehow get out of our yard and into his trash and our backyard would be strewn with catering containers.
Current black lab puppy ate the dentist bill I left on the counter.

Not a bad thing really, but the bigger dog from above, loved candy. If she saw the kids with some, she came running. Her favorite was Twizzlers, but gummy bears and Jelly Belly jelly beans were high at the top. The young, smaller dog would copy anything the bigger one would do, so just had to try a Jelly Belly. He had no clue how to chew it, but would try every time one of us had some. He would end up spitting it out most of the time, but sometimes he would swallow one.

One of my favorite pictures of the dog is with a Twizzler hanging out of her mouth! If she had something she shouldn’t have, she would go behind the sofa under the table, which is where she is with the Twizzler.

Visiting one of my siblings last year, it felt kind of nostalgic to see the chewed up carving on the legs of the dining room table inherited from our parents.

Bad, bad dog!

Also, there are no longer any breakable Christmas ornaments from our grandparents and great-grandparents. Pulled that beautifully decorated tree right over.

Shoes, our high school year books, on and on and on

I grew up in a household with four large inside dogs and even more kids. It was wild. When we went on road trips, frequently the dogs came, too.

There was also a cat. A very mean cat. But she had to live with four dogs and a bunch of wild kids, so who could really blame her?