What Do Acceptance Envelopes Look Like?

<p>For those who just got their acceptances - does the envelope say "Congratulations" on the outside, or is it blank, and you have to open it to find out...</p>

<p>Mine was plain. But this is a bit overboard, no?</p>

<p>Well someone one on a previous thread wrote theirs said "Congratulations" on the outside with a purple border, and I knew mine was waiting at home and it was plain. I broke down and had it opened for me and it was an acceptance!</p>

<p>maybe that was from a different school...?</p>

<p>Catherine, you got into Gallatin, right? What size/shape was your acceptance letter? Was it just plain with nothing special on the outside?</p>

<p>Big plain white envelope.</p>

<p>And when I opened it..</p>

<p>I swore it was a brochure haha until I flipped it over.</p>

<p>what about rejection? just a small normal envelope?</p>

<p>This is the funniest thread I have ever seen! You poor things, just open the envelope when you get it! Surely all you are doing here is giving yourself the extra stress of speculating from the appearance of the envelope what lies inside...If you have the envelope in your hand, just open it!</p>

<p>I started this thread because I knew the envelope was waiting at home but I wasn't there to open it and wouldn't be home for hours. In retrospect, yes, it is a silly thread, but when you know the decision is awaiting you at home, it doesn't seem so silly at the time!</p>

<p>ahh..i guess i didn't read the context earlier in the thread! my apologies, and congratulations. though i must say it is still a funny thread.</p>

<p>Does anyone on the envelope say it was sent First Class Mail / Priority Mail?</p>

<p>Mine simply says "United States Postage," and then lists the cost of mailing the letter.</p>

<p>You'll know if you're accepted or not; as soon as I encountered the envelope, I knew it was acceptance. It's large and heavy and white. I'm assuming the rejection letter (ah, that's a depressing thought) would be small and very light.</p>

<p>Don't worry parikhs! I'm sure you'll be accepted!</p>