What do Berkeley students think of Mario Savio?

<p>From the 1960's Berkeley protests. I just finished watching the movie called "Berkeley in the 60's" and this just made me want to go to Berkeley even more. </p>

<p>Do riots/protests like this exist anymore? When was the last one? What do current students think of Savio?</p>

<p>Mario Savio is held in very high regard here at Cal, especially considering we just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement.</p>

<p>As one can imagine, things have quieted down significantly here since the 60's. No one is going to jump on top of a Hyundai on Sproul Plaza wearing Dickies and a Cal football t-shirt and churn the crowd into a frenzy. But you'll still see more than your share of protests, counter-protests, counter-counter-protests, and so forth. While Berkeley isn't as politically active as it used to be, there are still tons of strong opinions that are heard on our fair campus. If you're a big fan of things like the FSM and political activism, you won't be disappointed by 21st-century Berkeley.</p>

<p>Oh yea, Clark Kerr seemed like a dick. Why'd they name a housing complex after him?</p>