What Do Colleges Look 4?

<p>Do colleges look at your best SAT m+v, or do they look by test date? B/C I got a 1240(670m, 570v) in JUne, and in OCt. I got a 1280(650m, 630v). So I would have a combined 1300 if they took my top score in each category. Just wonderin'</p>

<p>Most colleges take your highest combined score (regardless of date), so they'd look at your 1300. You should check with individual colleges though.</p>

<p>Yes, most colleges take the highest scores in each category.</p>

<p>But check with each one. I believe MIT wants them at the same time. State schools though take highest of each usually.</p>

<p>No, I'm pretty sure MIT takes the highest combined.</p>

<p>State schools usually take the best done in one sitting, though. At least U of M, and UC schools (UC schools, I believe that's how it works, pretty sure at least).</p>

<p>quick question. what if you are graduating in the year 2006 and can take both SAT's. can u mix and match from the best from verbal and math (regardless of which test)?</p>

<p>I believe so, but check with each college to make sure</p>