What do colleges think about taking a high school class over the summer? Bad? Good?

<p>I want to take an online precalc class over the summer so I can take AP calc during my senior year. Is this a good or bad idea?</p>

<p>I believe it's a good idea. For one, you would be taking more math classes than required I'm assuming. Secondly, it shows that you are willing to sacrifice free time for the sake of learning. I took health during the summer before freshman year so that I could take more art electives, I took Biology the summer before Junior Year for the sake of having more science courses, and I took Moral Theology (I go to a catholic School) before Senior Year in order to take AP Studio Art. I figure it shows some good qualities.</p>

<p>I agree, good idea, and more than taking it in the summer, because of wanting to take the additional class and getting further along in math. Good initiative! :)</p>

<p>of course good idea! get an 5 on AP will raise your chance much more!</p>