What do I do for undergrad to get into a good grad school?

<p>I didn't take high school too seriously and now I'm really regretting it. I didn't get into any of the UCs I wanted and my best option has ended up being SFSU. If I end up going to SFSU and getting good grades could I get into a high ranking graduate school? Or should I go to CC and go to UCLA? </p>

<p>And if anyone knows how is SFSU business program?</p>

<p>People of college community!!! Please answer him!!! :)</p>

<p>I’d say go to a community college for 2 years get an associates in paralegal studies or something else that’s easily employable and not too difficult to earn a high GPA in, make sure your GPA stays above 3.6 just to be safe, and make sure you fulfill your desired universities transfer requirements. Make sure to use Assist.org its a website that shows you which Community College classes transfer and which don’t.</p>

<p>All of your questions are circumstantial

Yes, this is entirely possible. If you are active in SFSU’s academic community (even though it is considered a commuter school, there are opportunities), maintain a high GPA, and find a good internship/job after you receive your Bachelor’s, you can get into a good graduate school.

If you’re dead-set on going to a UC, then I recommend going to a CC and and going to a UC. UC’s do carry the prestige factor, which could come in handy depending on your major. Is UCLA your only option? There are many other UC’s you could go to, and some of them even offer TAG’s that guarantee admission.</p>