What do I do in my situation in regards to FAFSA?

Hi I was curious if anyone knows if I have to include my stepdad in the FAFSA application my mother has been married to him since November of 2016 and he does reside in the household but according to my mom they didn’t file they’re taxes together so she’s confused as to whether she includes my stepdad. Both are working but if my mom only filed it out it’d be better for me in getting financial aid seeing as I’m not receiving assistance from my parents.

Yes, you include the income of the parent you live with the most for the time period covered, AND his/her spouse.

Yes you need to include your stepdad’s income and assets when you file your FAFSA if you reside with these two parents.

If you are starting college 2019-2020, your FAFSA will be the 2019-2020 form and will use 2017 income from BOTH your mom and stepdad, as they are married as of the day of filing.

Their tax filing status doesn’t matter one bit. BOTH need to be included on your financial aid forms.

Because they didn’t file jointly in 2017, they will both need to request tax transcript as well…your college will probably require this. They will not be able to use the IRS DRT when you complete your FAFSA.

Yes, you do have to include your stepdad. There is no truthful way of avoiding it because the application asks if your parents are remarried. Most schools will factor in your stepdad’s income but some will not.