What do I do in this class that i hate?

<p>So my Spanish Ii class is terrible. The people in the class are just so stupid and misbehaved. I usually like the people in the non honors classes, but this class is just to an extreme. The class literally consists of seniors that are in algebra I and English II. All of the normal HUMAN people are in a different period.
I literally know no one in the class, and the class is so outa control I can barely learn. Everyone around me just wants me to copy my work (which I generally don't mind) and then afterwards they make fun of me for being some "awkward AP nerd." Not to mention I'm pretty sure the guy next to me is in a gang.
The worst part about it is that I actually am acting really awkward since I can't stand the people around me. I tried being friendly at first but it didn't work, and since them I've been this antisocial, nervous laughing, person. I'm continually trying to get along with them but they don't Let me be friendly.
I tried asking the teacher to have me switched, but she claims that the other class is worse (I know for a fact that it's not) I don't know what to do. Ive been in regular classes before, and the kids have always gotten along with me.</p>

<p>Something very similar happened to me in Spanish 1, except a little bit less extreme. Keep what ever book you are reading in English with you (or if you are in between books whatever book you are reading for fun) and read it after you finish your work (trust me that will happen a lot, our class was over an hour, I was usually done in under 15 minutes). You get ahead in English/have less homework when you get home and it is less awkward then just sitting there not knowing anybody.</p>

<p>As for the copying you just learn to shield your paper from others, the girl that sat next to me tried to copy me every test/homework assignment. If nothing else works turn in your homework at the beginning of class/always flip your paper over when you are done.</p>

<p>My math class is the same way! I know a lot of people in it, but they<code>re all people that really won</code>t get anywhere, and the only reason I know them is because I<code>ve had classes with them. It</code>s because I<code>m in the 2nd part of Algebra 1 (I</code>m a sophomore) and the way my class<code>s worked out last year, I have a 2nd part of it 1st semester of this year. All I do is sit, barely talk to anyone, and do my work. Very boring, and irritating when I</code>m surrounded by idiots (yes, no joke. Sorry if I offended anyone.) and people who just want to get mad at the teacher when she doesn`t give then credit for NOT doing the majority of their homework.

I sit next to this one kid who Ive known since elementary school, and he basically has alienated all of the nice people because he was a bully to them, and Im the only person besides the "bad kids" that is nice to him, and he is still a jerk to me.

Sorry, needed to vent. But Im in the exact same situation--->AP kid here, and the person who knows all the answers in most of my classes. So its annoying. Same thing happened last year in Intro to Media (All I wanted to do was learn about writing and journalism, and I was stuck in a class with juniors and seniors who were taking it just to get their elective credit in).

So, what I figured out last year was that (obviously) I was a better student than them considering at least 2-3 were suspended every day, and that I could deal with it or let them bother me. So, I basically just tuned them out. They came up with some idiotic nickname for me (Just a play on word with my real name) and every time they said it, Id just ignore them. Really....I mean, there was no talking rationally. Id do my work, then just sit there and read after I was finished....and try and act invisible. I mean, theres nothing I could really do other than that. And finally the semester ended. So thats what I`m doing this year. Just blocking everyone out, and getting my work done. Come to think of it, my math class was like that last year and the teacher was awful too....so 3 classes. I just ignore the other kids and know that soon the 90 minute class will be over.</p> <p>So, your options are: 1) Just ignore and don<code>t give them the satisfaction of knowing they</code>re bothering you...don<code>t let them copy your work. There</code>s this kids in my science class who tried to do that the other day and I nearly slapped him because all he does is mooch off the other kids. I really don`t mind all the normal people copying, but him, no.

2) Tell the teacher that you really can`t learn with them being that disruptive and ask her to control them better.</p>

<p>3) Talk to your Guidance Counselor about moving to a different class.</p>

<p>4) If the teacher can`t control them, seriously, just go straight to an administrator and ask to talk to them and explain that you CANNOT learn when the kids are that bad. (Talk to your Guidance Counselor about it before this.)</p>

<p>Sorry this was long, but don<code>t worry; you</code>re not alone.</p>

<p>My advice is to try to find ONE person in there that's normal. Everyone might be blending in with that gang crowd right now, but I highly doubt that you've tried talking with everyone in there, so just keep your eyes open for someone. For me, all I need is one person that I can joke around with/work with in a class full of terrible students and I'm good.</p>

<p>^the thing is though, we arent allowed to leave our seats, so Im restricted to the 6 idiots around me</p>

<p>^Lol yeah a few kids in my Spanish 1 class got suspended for drugs, and my Spanish 2 teacher nearly got fired as well. Those classes were so entertaining, though it's nice being done with Spanish now.</p>

<p>This thread reminded me of a question I wanted to ask - do any high schools offer accelerated language classes, for the kids who actually want to LEARN something? My kids have all hated their language classes. My 9th grader said, "Mom, Spanish is literally the most boring class I have EVER taken. I look at my watch every minute, wishing the class would end." And this is a girl who likes the subject and wants to study in a Spanish-speaking country at some point. She could probably study on her own outside the class, but she's already busy with ECs. It just seems pointless for her to sit in the room each day, bored out of her mind.</p>

The class literally consists of seniors that are in algebra I and English II


<p>lol how is that even possible?</p>

<p>@MaineLonghorn....not my school, but I know there are definitely some that offer AP language classes, which are filled with those who actually like learning....I know the same feeling.</p>

<p>Sounds like my school's average regular class. I was in one freshman year that was a lot like yours. (Geometry) They were all failing while this other girl and I had grades into the 100s. See if there are any other kids in the class who actually care about it and are normal. Thats the only way I was able to tolerate it.</p>

<p>That is the SAME exact thing I went through in Spanish 1. Seriously, they need to make a Pre-AP Spanish 1 class...</p>

<p>I ignored all of the stupid people and wouldn't let them copy my papers. Ever. If they don't want to do the work, then they can fail. <em>shrug</em></p>

<p>I also went and found the one normal looking girl in the class and made an effort to become her friend, so that I wasn't so alone. 3 years later, we're still really good friends!</p>