What do i do??

<p>ok i wrote my SAT II's in Oct and havent recieved my score as yet.
I'll get them maybe after the EA submission deadline.</p>

<p>so how do i list them,</p>

<p>1) I have taken the SAT II's Date:-----
and leave the scores section blank</p>


<p>2) I will take the SAT on -----</p>

<p>plz help</p>

<p>If you sent in your scores to Stanford for Oct. SATs, then you will be alright. I sent in the basic info last week, I just marked the "I will take the SATs on..." on the form next to my current best scores. They will get the scores through College Board. If you didn't do this though, I highly recommend rushing scores through College Board if you can.</p>

<p>thanx, i put stanford as my score recipient. </p>

<p>i thought it was awkward putting i will take (coz i have already taken it).
thanx again</p>