What do I major in to get a career in advertising??

<p>I plan on maybe majoring in mass comm with a minor in marketing or vice versa, Im not to sure yet, like I don't necessarily want to be on the "designing" side of the industry, but I maybe something like media buying or planning, anything that has to do with demographics. Im a pretty imaginative person, but i really dont like graphic design all to much. I'm starting at my local cc first for a year then transferring to ucf or usf. Ucf has a major actually called "advertising" while usf has mass comm with a emphasis on advertising, does anyone know the difference? also I plan on going to grad school for my master. I live in fla btw and im new to this board. </p>

<p>also, i have been taking marketing and graphic design classes in high school for the past four years, I really enjoy advertising, I'm promoter for the schools recycling program, and I would really like to do something like this as a career, although im not really the suit/tie kind of person, I was maybe thinking of one day getting a career with some kind of non profit or maybe in radio, even though my main goal is to get a job with mtv or cartoon network (advertising team)</p>

<p>I was originally a mass communications major and learned a tad late that mass communications is more for working with television/radio/newspapers. That's at least how it was for my college's major. UGA has an advertising program that I'll be doing. You're probably best going with an advertising major if you can since most colleges will probably offer an array of classes you can choose from depending on the focus you want to take with advertising. I personally prefer the design aspect.</p>

<p>thank u for replying....lol im new but im not getting alot of feedback :(</p>

<p>I'd say see the requirements for each major and then decide. If you like the classes offered in advertiseing more and think they may be more benficial then go with that. I also find that with an emphasis you are not fully studying a certain program only taking a few classes and touching on it. You base with the mass communication program would be more communication than advertising.</p>