What Do I Need to Do to Be on Track? (Please help!)


I was hoping to ask on CC if I am on track to apply to make it into a good school. I’m currently a sophomore in HS! :slight_smile:

GPA: 4.00 UW/ 4.27 W

SAT/ACT: I’ve been prepping pretty hard, and I’m hoping to be done with it by second semester of junior year at the latest. I’m aiming for a >1560. Haha, tbh I know that might sound ambitious, but I was thinking it could be doable with a lot of practice! Right now, my practice scores are generally close to 1500ish.

President of FBLA chapter
FBLA State Council Member
Co-founded a community water chemistry club with friend (we go out to fresh water bodies and conduct testing to collect data)
Founded iGEM Team (international genetically engineered machine) at school
Sophomore Class Vice President
Member of Student Council
Will be starting research internship at local university under guidance of a professor (super excited for this, haha xd)
Local medical center volunteer (2 years now)
volunteer at nursing home on weekends
(About 300 volunteer hours to date)

Summer plans:
I applied to some summer research programs… Hoping to work on an awesome science project there…! But if I get rejected, I have a thorough back up plan: starting internship early (starting during summer instead of during junior year) with dual enrollment at local university to take some more rigorous class and filling up my time with some more volunteering! :)))

I’m currently taking most rigorous classes available to me. (ap euro, ap calc AB, ap comp sci, chemistry, physics, Spanish 3)

Additional stats???
Asian female

I would really appreciate some guidance and feed on if I’m doing the right things!