What do I need to do to get in to UPenn?

<p>I've only recently found out about Penn but I've just fallen in love with it! I'm going to visit soon but I've attended some talks by their admissions counselors and I feel like it's a pretty good fit for me (as far as I know). I feel like if I push myself a little bit more I could have a good chance of getting in... not sure where to start.
I'm a sophomore at a good private Catholic school in CA. Indian, female. No hooks.
I took the SAT as an 8th grader and got a 2080 on it.. I'll take it again as a junior. I'm about to take the PSAT. I took 3 honors classes as a freshman (the most offered by my school) - my cumulative weighted GPA was a 4.41 and my unweighted was a 3.9 I think (I had one A- first semester). I got a 770 on both the bio (E) and math I SATs. I'm currently taking 2 honors and 2 APs and I'll take the chem and math 2 sats this june.
I have been doing classical Indian dance for almost 10 years, and I've been a violinist for almost 5. I've passed with distinction in 3 levels of violin exams and have participating in countless programs for dance. I'm an editor for my school newspaper, and I'm on the board of my schools future medical students club. I'm also part of the international club, human rights club, research club, etc - not important because they're not leadership roles. I have ~45 volunteer hours so far in the year, hopefully more by the end of the year. Currently working on setting up a toy drive for underprivileged kids at my school. Will be a part of CSF second semester.
I really want to get started on some kind of lab research but I have NO idea where to begin (any tips would be greatly appreciated!!). </p>

<p>How can I improve my chances over the next two years? Also what are some good summer programs?
I know, there's no one way, but I'd at least like to get some advice on where to improve :)
THANKS!!! :D </p>

<p>also i’ve been on the high honor roll so far :slight_smile: </p>


<p>You seem to have the difficulty of schedule, the grades and are all over the SAT. I would consider taking the Math 2 subject test also.</p>

<p>I would suggest fewer ECs, but in more depth. Any science or Medical ECs would be helpful. Summer programs that support your medical interest or research would also be good.</p>

<p>Learn what you can about Penn. Visit if possible and write notes about things that could be clary of your “Why Penn?” Essay. </p>

<p>You are off to an excellent start.</p>

<p>@Much2learn‌ thank you so much! I am most likely going to take the Math 2 this june because i’ll be finishing AP Calculus AB this year. I’m also visiting Penn in December. Do you know any really good summer programs besides the ones at Stanford? </p>

<p>There is no CALC on math 2, so you do not need to wait.</p>

<p>I think that Northwestern and Cornell both have Summer Programs. Penn has some, but I don’t know the details.</p>

<p>@Much2learn‌ thank you so much! :smiley: </p>

<p>How about getting a paid job? Summer pgms are nice if you can afford them – but hardly necessary. Just avoid that Future Physicians and National Young Leaders conference or anything associated with Envison Inc. </p>

<p>Summer jobs are great if they relate to your interest area. If they are not related they are still much better than doing nothing, but may not be as differentiating as a strong and relevant summer program.</p>

<p>@Much2learn‌ @T26E4‌ is getting an internship the same level of importance or is it better to get a job that actually pays a salary? </p>

<p>Ideally, the one that provides a better learning experience, and that is more related to your interests. </p>

<p>Example: If you are interested in science and have an opportunity to be an unpaid intern at the Fermi Laboratory for the summer or work at the local DQ for minimum wage, then I would pick the Lab if you can afford to forgo the money.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! @Much2learn‌ </p>