What do I submit for Mid-year and Final Reports??

I am Costa Rican, and my high school cancelled all grades and reports for the remainder of my senior year due to the COVID-19 in my country. As a result, I am not sure what my counselor should submit as a Mid-year and Final report.

What should I do in my situation?

Ask the schools you applied to.

Work with your academic counselor in conjunction with the university’s admissions department (or, better yet, your admissions officer). Universities, especially during this time, are understanding of COVID-related academic difficulties. Good luck!

Mid-Year reports are usually due in February as they include your first semester grades from senior year, so if you’re starting college this Fall (2020,) you’re likely only concerned with a final school report. If your college utilizes the Common Application or Coalition application, it can be submitted by your counselor via that application website.

First things first, email your assigned admissions counselor (you can find this information on the college’s admissions website,) explaining the circumstances and asking for next steps. Also have your high school counselor (or person in charge of transcripts, if your high school doesn’t have a set counselor-in-charge of helping students with college applications) to also email your admissions counselor with more information and a final transcript, or to include the information in the final school report they submit online.

Hope that helps!