What do kids wear to the overnight sessions?

<p>Wondering if maybe the moms can let me know what the kids (boys) wear to these overnight information sessions at the smaller LACs. Jeans and sneakers? Thanks!</p>

<p>That's what my S wore.</p>

<p>Jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirts, etc. would be about right more most LACs. Although, there are a few where upgrading to kakhi pants would be in the ballpark.</p>

<p>On an overnight visit, you will be typically sleeping on the floor of somebody's dorm room, going to dinner with your student host, going to regular campus activities (or special activities if it's a diversity recruitment thing).</p>

<p>So, basically, you want to dress like a normal college kid.</p>

<p>Follow-up to Interested Dad's comment:
Usually the host student will touch base (via e-mail) with the visiting student prior to his arrival and, among other things, tell him what to bring. This may include a sleeping bag since - yes - the student usually camps out on the host's floor.</p>