What do people mean when they say to keep in touch with admissions officers?

<p>I always read articles and hear people saying to have regular contact with officers, but what does that mean(in terms of what does one say to them)?
What do you talk to them about?
Could someone offer insight on what you say that is constructive and not a complete waste of time for the officers?
I just feel like no matter what i say, it is superficial.</p>

I just feel like no matter what i say, it is superficial.

And for most people, it is. Do you think the adcoms, who are deluged with work between the time apps are due and decisions are out, enjoy receiving emails, letters, and calls from students who think they are improving their chances by "keeping in touch" and "showing interest"? Odds are good that after a few years, they recognize brown-nosing when they see it. </p>

<p>If you have something significant to share, a new award or honor or the like, then by all means let them know. Otherwise, I doubt you are helping your chances much. You applied, you went to the college fair, you talked about the school in your essays and your alum interview -- trust me, they know you are interested.</p>

<p>If you have questions, you can send them ONE or TWO emails and ask. Don't a million, though.</p>

<p>How do you even get to speak to an admissions officer, if you are accepted to that school? Do you just call and ask for the email address of the admissions officer who read your application and accepted you? I would love to speak with him/her for any school that accepts me.</p>