What do princeton student do for fun?

<p>Do they go to the basketball games often? is the gym usually packed?</p>

<p>Yes, in fact basketball games are the only fun things around.</p>

<p>The gym where students work out (Dillon) is usually packed. The gym where students watch basketball games (Jadwin)... not so much, unless it's a big game; Princeton students tend to be fair-weather fans when it comes to supporting our athletic teams. Generally, what we do for fun is hang out with friends or go to parties at the eating clubs.</p>

<p>I would assume eating clubs. And shopping at the myriad of extremely preppy stores on Nassau (J-Crew, Ralph Lauren) to suit all their preppy desires.</p>

<p>Oh good lord. Most of the kids at Princeton shop elsewhere. Target, for example. Like most college kids everywhere.</p>

<p>Hahaha, the preppy sterotype...</p>