what do rising seniors do over the summer?


<p>You're funny.</p>

<p>Jerk it in anticipation</p>

<p>What essays? :)</p>

<p>imagination: i know right?
fork: .....
esthetique: college essays :)</p>

<p>thanks though</p>

<p>hibernate from all the stresses of junior year</p>

<p>Jupiter: I know, i was just playing.</p>

<p>I'm going to study for the SAT so I can get my score into 2100 or 2200 territory. </p>

<p>I don't think I'll start essays or applications yet. I want to at least somewhat enjoy my summer.</p>

<p>junior year has been brutal on me and i've been stressed out the whole time. I'd take it easy but I still have a week of finals and now I'm going to be working starting next week and I have 3 summer assignments for next year and I have to start filling out college apps when the CA comes out in august.....nonstop.</p>




<p>10 Char</p>