What do schools want out of a transfer student?

<p>I know some things that <em>I</em> want out of an undergraduate education--a school that can make me think, a contagious aura of learning and discovery, exposure to different perspectives that will help shape my philosophy--but what is it that schools want?</p>

<p>Considering the low acceptance rate of transfer students at many private schools, I wonder what it is they want (or even need) transfer students for.</p>

<p>If I am accepted as a transfer student, do I replace a dropout?</p>

<p>Is the transfer process like a scholarship, with the institution not really needing transfer students anyways?</p>

<p>Is the institution seeking to add diversity to a specific class?</p>

<p>What do you think?</p>


<p>.....diversity.... (all intl applicants are transfers from intl colleges) even though some might be put in Freshman year.... </p>

<p>.....Yes, you replace a dropout....but most schools do have extra seats reserved for sophomore and juniors</p>

<p>.....Yes for institutions like Harvard ... transfer applicants are like extras whereas freshman are the protagonists....in the academic play</p>

<p>....In my opinion, institutions are looking for cultural diversity because most Freshman are US citizens.... Again, I am not sure. But i am kind of surprised that schools like USC, UC Berkeley, UIUC, WashU, NYU, Cornell are all treating me as an international even though I am applying from an institution within US and I am green card holder. Lol! one of the adcoms at WashU said that they treat you French! coz i did my HS in Lyon, France</p>