What do some colleges want a photo of you for?

<p>I know they do this in England, but I live in the US, and I haven't seen this until now. I was just wondering why some colleges might want a photo of the applicant for...? Do they want a school picture? Do they want a picture of you with your dog? Hiking? Do they think they can uncover your personality by this picture?
(The college in question is the Jewish Theological Seminary, by the way, not some state school or something...)</p>

<p>[Harvard</a> “Hotness” Affirmative Action Program](<a href=“HugeDomains.com”>HugeDomains.com)</p>

<p>^lol how did you find that one? :)</p>

<p>^lol, funny article</p>

<p>To see how hot you are of course!
No, on a serious note it is usually to make the interviewers life easier when they are to interview you. How else are they supposed to recognize you?</p>