What do students do during breaks?

After looking at the yearly calendar for Wooster, I’m wondering what students do during the weeklong fall break and Thanksgiving. This is one reason Knox is so attractive - travel home once during the year for a long break in the middle. Affording multiple trips home to NM just doesn’t work. Do a lot of students stay on campus for these breaks? Thanks for any info!

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I don’t know what the Wooster students do in particular, but my older kids ended up staying at their school or they headed to a local friend’s house during the shorter breaks.

My daughter is also considering Knox. I reached out to the AO and he said students were allowed to stay for the shorter spring break. We’re from Philly.

Thanks, lisabees. I did inquire at Wooster and, yes, it sounds like a lot of kids stay on campus for shorter breaks.

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@brutusluv Looks like we have some crossover in schools. Any other midwestern schools?

Hi - Daughter is looking at Knox, Wooster, Willamette; she was accepted to those and they are the schools that interest her. Wooster is at the top of the list. She was also accepted at Earlham and Hendrix, but they just didn’t really get her attention. We are in NM and we were first looking at Fort Lewis - great location, but not nearly as high quality a school. Other Colorado schools are bigger than she’d like (CC is super competitive to get into; we didn’t even try. DH went there but that was quite a few years ago!). What about you all?

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Ha! My DH attended CC years and years ago, also!

D has been accepted to Wooster, Knox, Kalamazoo, Clark, Drew, Goucher, St John’s in MD, and Temple (as a commuter in case the world is still wonky). She was deferred at Lawrence. At this point, Kalamazoo and Knox are the only financially doable ones. Kalamazoo is $8,000 less than Knox.

I’ve been to Knox with an older daughter, but not Kalamazoo. It’s just weird to make a decision when she hasn’t visited either.

That’s funny…CC connection. Jim graduated in probably 85 or 86. We were really taken with Knox at first…our admissions person is excellent at her job! But there is something about Wooster that DD really likes. I think it’s more of a gut feeling than anything. We both liked the Knox schedule for sure as it would make traveling home for break easy. She didn’t get as much $ from them either. I kind of wonder if we should have tried Kalamazoo. It seems like a great school. I was really looking for places that were relatively easy to get to even if they are far away. A friend’s daughter goes to Humboldt and loves it but travel home is a major effort. And we of course just keep moving forward believimg.that covid won’t screw it all up!

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Wooster is $18,000 more. Not doable, unfortunately, as it was one of her top choices. She is my 5th kid I hoped would end up there! Oh well.

And, yes, we’re definitely considering the travel aspect. My SD is at Beloit and that’s an easy flight and drive to campus. If it’s Knox or Kalamazoo (or possibly Lawrence) it will be quite the effort.

That’s a lot of college kids! Does your SD like Beloit? That was about the first LAC we looked at, but there was something about the location we weren’t wild about. The school had a lot of good qualities, though. Yes, I hope Wooster works out - it’s looking more and more like she’ll be there, but it seems so unreal (the numbers and distance - I’ve never even been to Ohio!), but our visit in March should help clarify things. I hope your #5 ends up where she is happy!

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@brutusluv I just realized that we’ll have four in college next year if we include grad students. Craziness!

SD likes Beloit. It was on the bottom of my list for her, but she didn’t know that. We let her choose from the few we could afford.

Not sure what you’ll think of the surrounding area, but Wooster’s campus is beautiful!