What do students do for fun?

My son is probably going to attend WSU next fall. Scholarship offers make it the likely destination, and it fits the bill for what he’s seeking in a college (mid-sized town, big sports program, finance major, defined campus area, affordable, etc.). Can any current students tell me what students do for fun either on campus or in the Pullman area? We are from Washington State and are well-aware of WSU’s “party school” reputation, but are hopeful it’s exaggerated and that there are other entertainment/social opportunities. We also realize that you can find parties in any college campus community, so we’d like to hear from someone who has seen alternatives on the WSU campus. Thanks!

@Time2Chat , you should look for the WSU Parents’ Facebook group that is very active. CC pays little attention to state schools in the smaller states. I have two kids there, a senior who has hosted some of those parties and a junior who does not drink and has never been to one. It is a great community, they have no problem filling up their days with something other than socializing, kids tend to love their college. PM me if you want particulars.

Thanks for your reply. I feel confident that he’ll make the college experience whatever he wants, but I just want him to have viable options. It seems all a person hears about is the party scene. I will PM you to get some specifics regarding what non-alcohol activities WSU kids enjoy doing. He is VERY excited about the school pride and being a part of that energy…probably more excited because our family is more of a UW Husky family, so he’s causing some waves! LOL!! Glad to hear your kids like WSU. We hope our son has a good experience, too!