what do these BA/MD or BS/MD programs look for?

<p>Are these extremely selective programs looking for someone with ten jillion hours of community service? incredible ec's? perfect scores? research? </p>

<p>Please fill me in!</p>

<p>haha.......in a word....yes.....maybe not ten jillion, but you seem to get the idea...i have no idea how exactly to get into these programs....i'm just kind of doing what seems to be right and hoping to God that i don't get the short straw in the application process, b/c so many applicants look incredible that i have no idea how the adcomm rejects such a large percentage of them. i think that if u know about ba/md programs, then u must be competitive... if u read the posts, u'll get a sense of what ppl are doing--read ppl's posted stats (haha...ignore mine...).</p>

<p>i know! everyone here looks like a shoe-in...</p>

<p>I remember being at the Rice/Baylor interviews and thinkng that being on their admissions comittee must be a ridiculous job. Everyone at those interviews was bright, articulate, friendly and involved. I truly have no idea how they chose. Sometimes, i think these things are just fate, or luck.</p>

<p>lilpinkeyedlamb: i saw ur posts in the harvard section......u seem pretty extraordinary.....i'm pretty curious as to what ur stats look like--would u mind posting them? ur music stuff....wow..... which progs are you applying to?</p>

<p>My stats again??? Well...here goes...</p>

<p>EA: Harvard
RD: Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Columbia/Juillard, Pomona, NW HPME, Brown PLME, USC Bac/MD, UCSD (USC and UCSD are my backups)</p>

SAT I: 730V, 780M, 1510 combined
SAT II: 800 chem, 780 Math IIC, 760 Physics, 750 Writing
AP: 5 Chem, 5 Calc BC, 5 Physics B, 4 English Lang</p>

This Year:
AP English Lit
Advanced Seminar in Mathematics (Linear Algebra + Multivariable Calc)
AP Bio
AP Physics C: Mech
AP Physics C: E&M
Contemporary American History</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2 weighted (don't even want to KNOW what my unweighted GPA is...)</p>

Piano: I compete at all sorts of competitions (local, state, national, and international). I've also performed 16 times with orchestras (local AND national orchestras), and I got a full scholarship to attend the International Keyboard Festival at the Banff Centre in Banff, Canada. I'm in a philharmonic orchestra for piano and celesta.
Flute: 1st chair for school orchestra
Research: Science Research at a lab affiliated w/ Caltech. I'm the student head for my group, and we're currently writing a paper
Community Service: Started a musical group in 9th grade. We have been invited to perform all over Southern California</p>

<p>Major Awards for Piano:
Grand Prize Winner: the Young Musicians Foudation National Debut Concerto Competition, the Glendale Competition, the Valley Cultural Center Scholarship Competition, the Korea Times Competition, the Southwestern Youth Music Festival Concerto Competition
Winner: the Redland Bowl Competition, the MTAC State Concerto Competition, etc
Finalist: the National Blount Young Artist Competition (in Alabama), the Bronislaw-Kaper Awards (the LA Phil Competition), the Beethoven State Competition, and the Peninsula International Concerto Competition
Semi-finalist: LA Spotlight Awards </p>

<p>I'm also competing in the Jefferson National Concerto Competition in CO and the Virginia Waring International Competition and the Liszt International Competition.</p>

<p>I don't really have any academic awards...except being a National Merit Semi-finalist.</p>

<p>Nobody has really commented on my stats...I really have no clue how I fare out compared to everyone. Also, I've noticed that only one Asian-American girl gets in to Harvard every year at my school...and there's this one absolutely incredible girl (star athlete and performer and student council pres...).</p>

<p>haha.....yo.......i am speechless.......maybe nobody has said anything cuz ur so intimidating....lol....i'm serious. blew me away with ur music stuff.......i just have a lot of community service stuff, but that's NOTHING on the scale of what you've done with ur music.....honestly....aim high buddy. why exactly are you applying to a med program again? lol.....jk. this may seem like a dumb question, but have you volunteered in a hospital or anything?</p>

<p>no...everytime i would try to sign up, they would just stick me on a waiting list of kids who wanted to volunteer too...so i just perform at hospitals instead...</p>

<p>i also worked for a plastic surgeon this summer...helped him in surgery (nose jobs, removing tumors) and consulting the patients. but that's it... :-(</p>

<p>wait...is it bad that i haven't done any hospital work??? for med programs?</p>

<p>that certainly wont help you, and it probably will hurt you a bit. But do you atleast have work in health related stuff?</p>

<p>health related stuff? i'm not sure if working for a plastic surgeon counts (i really hope it does...but if it doesnt...hm), but i did this part-time job for some extra cash.</p>

<p>lilpinkeyedlamb has the internship............i do know that you need "exposure to the medical setting," but don't stress--you got it through the plastic surgeon (haha.....helping people "find beauty" inspired you to become a physician? haha just playing around). we'll see what happens, i guess. has anyone started applications yet (besides buckwald, who said he's done with nw)?</p>

<p>hahaha...helping with nose jobs wasn't so inspiring, i admit.</p>