What do they look for in an essay?

<p>I'm just curious, what do adcons look for in an essay? What do people generally write about? How much does the essay count?</p>

<p>I'd love input from everyone!</p>

<p>well im applying but from what i've heard ND puts more into the essay than most all other schools</p>

<p>I have posted this answer before, but as a Mom, I feel like I have to respond. Son was in your shoes at this time last year. And, having read his essay more than once since his acceptance, I must say that I do think the essay is very important. Grades and scores are important too--but I think a stellar essay will make one stand out. Now, a stellar essay? He wrote his essay like a story about a passion of his. I think the fact that it was written like he was telling a story about himself helped to show his passion, as well as his strengths and weaknesses. I know it can be very difficult to write an essay as if you are writing a story, but I truly believe that it will capture an Admissions Officer's attention. And while he did have great grades, scores and was #2 in his class, I still believe that his essay, wriiten like it was, helped tip the scales in his favor for an EA decision. Good Luck!</p>

<p>hey notre dame AL thanks for ur input, is there neway u could post that essay or email it to me? i am telling a story as well and i cant seem to find a way to incorporate my emotions and personal insight from the whole plot of it... if u have ne free time and r interested i would be willing to let u read mine! haha (as if its a privilege ha)... neways <a href="mailto:jvonschaumburg@hotmail.com">jvonschaumburg@hotmail.com</a> is my email thx</p>


<p>What I always tell people is don't tell ND how wonderful they are...Think of the pride we have at ND, lol, they know it is wonderful and are pretty darn sure it is the best place on Earth :). Perhaps they are right. Anyways...</p>

<p>Tell them about what makes you special. Talk about your passions, or a major experience that shaped you, but help them understand you and then why ND is the only place that you can be. Why is this the perfect school for you? How can ND fulfill your needs and you help the ND community? I think showing how you fit is much more impressive than saying that ND is your top choice or a great school. Show them why it is a great school FOR YOU (or your child as the case may be).</p>

<p>Josh, you may want to check out my website. I have my transfer essay on it (granted, I posted the one for Boston College, but that is because I had more information about them and did a better job since their professors emailed me back....no, not bitter, lol). It may help give you some ideas. <a href="http://www.nd.edu/%7Emnadorff/transfer%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.nd.edu/~mnadorff/transfer&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>