What do we bring to orientation?

<p>How much will they have in the dorms? (i.e. bed sheets, desk, etc)?</p>


<p>It's like a hotel, minus the room service and a TV.</p>

<p>I believe you bring your clothing, toiletries and a towel for showering. Everything else is provided. I am sure all this is spelled out in the orientation info somewhere.</p>

<p>camera and money to explore westwood a little- if you bring your own laptop you can plan your classes on the myclassplanner on myuclaedu ahead of time to see potential scheduling conflicts. those are optional of course.</p>

<li>last year there wasnt any hand soap, so you can bring that...and a light blanket cuz the sheets were pretty shady last year in my opinion</li>

<p>hey can you still sign up to get there the night before to stay?</p>