What do we need to do after the orientation?!?!

<p>What do we need to do after the orientation?!?!
cusss i'm gonna be out of country after i attend the orientation...
so am i gonna miss anything???</p>

<p>There might be extra info that you could miss. You never really know.</p>

<p>When you attend SPOP you sign up for classes, so you're pretty much set academically. Just be sure to pay your tuition fees by September 15 so you're not dropped from your classes. I don't know when you'll receive your hall assignment so you might just be uninformed about that for a while. With important things you're most likely going to be emailed about it too, so I think you should be okay. Sorry If I'm missing something!</p>

<p>you'll probably receive your housing about a month before you would move in, so late august</p>