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<p>This is an essay for UMich's long essay, describe a local/national/international issue that important to you. And describe ways of addressing it.</p>

<p>I wrote mine on immigration, it ain't completely done, but please give me some suggestions so I know I am on the right track.</p>

<p>The phone rings in the living room. I mute the television, and walk towards the phone. I look down at the caller ID. It’s a call from India.
“Mom, Dad, it’s from India,” I yell out, without any particular direction. My parents and sister come rushing down the stairs. Once everyone is beside me, I turn on the speaker phone.
“Hello?” a voice comes weakly. It was grandpa.
“Daddy, how are you!” my mom says. “How is everyone? How’s your health?”
“We are all fine here,” grandpa says in a scratchy voice. “Your sister just gave birth to her son. I wish you all were here; it’s been so long since I’ve seen you all.” My mom breaks into a fit of tears. It had been thirteen years since she had been to India. It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen our loved ones.
Immigration is one of my most important issues, politically and personally speaking. This really affects me because almost all the scholarships and loans for colleges require at least permanent residency status. I am now stuck between college admissions and legal status. Some accredited colleges don’t even review an application if the applicant does not have legal status. Generally speaking, it takes three to four years to obtain a green card. Yet factors like mishandling of documents and rude behavior often delay the process. Most of the delay is the result of misplacing documents. </p>

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<p>Go to the parents forum and read the essay advice. It should be able to help you</p>