What do you consider a decent GPA coming out of Dartmouth. Anything above 3.0?

<p>I know it is all relative, but what do most think a good GPA is coming out of D? As a parent not knowing, many other parents, students, etc. in the Ivies, I wasn't sure. I know the classes are competitive. and some scale the grades, etc.</p>

<p>Also, thinking of this in terms of (1) finding a job, and (2) possible for grad school like masters or JD.</p>

<p>For law school a stellar Lsat score can offset a less than stellar gpa. However someone with a 170/3.0 is going to be a splitter where admissions can be all over the place but yet still snag an admission in the lower end if the T-14. For masters, a high gpa matters, for PhD the the area of research, grades and quality of research experience along with grades and scores matter. If your child has participated in OCi and resume drop s/he will know the gpa requirements that companies are liiking for; some jobs may have a minimum of a 3.2 while other companies have a minimum of a 3.5</p>

<p>Probably close to 3.2. When do they do resume drops? For 1 quarter the student may need an extra class, I would probably say the last quarter (?). Wouldn’t they have applied by then. </p>

<p>(Although student may wait another year for law school, since they haven’t prepped for taking LSAT, etc.)</p>

<p>If she is a rising senior and signed up with career services, she should have been receiving e-mails over the summer. she will also receive e-mails probably around now for different on-campus recruiting events.</p>

<p>She has 3 opportunities to take 4 classes a term at no additional cost. Has she done this yet?</p>

<p>No haven’t done 4 classes yet— didn’t want my student to have a heart attack, since these classes are the easiest. Had a concussion the past year and think that hurt my student a bit… </p>

<p>I’ll have to see about the status. </p>

<p>this would save you a term of tuition</p>

<p>sybbie - have you met many that have done it multiple terms in a row? (Plus work PT), Maybe worth a try with the NRO option… </p>

<p>Sorry- I meant to say the classes “aren’t” that easy so taking 4 in a 9-10 wk term is tough. (I haven’t used CC in some time, is there a way to edit posts or delete posts that you no longer want out there).</p>

<p>I do not know people who have done multiple terms in a row, but the net-net is that she is trying to graduate at the end of the year. Unless she is in an approved 5 year program (engineering), there is no financial aid for 5th year students meaning if she has to return for an extra term, it will all be on you.</p>