What do you do when you lose motivation?

<p>It always happens for me at about this time in the semester. Roughly a month in. I have to force myself to go to class, I do poorly on quizzes and exams because I don't want to study, none of the classes I'm taking are interesting me, etc. I dunno what it is, sort of a mid winter funk. I just can't wait for spring, but it seems so far away. And to add to this, the girl I was seeing has made it clear that she doesn't want a relationship, so that's made me kind of blah too, especially on Valentine's Day.</p>

<p>I just need something to sort of give me a kick in the rear...</p>

<p>man i dont know
what happens to me is that i fail and face reality screw myself over again</p>

<p>I would ride the bus until I feel better... It may be strange, but there's this sense of going nowhere, and it also gives time to think and sort out emotions.

<p>I'm not very motivated right now, but to me, it's like I don't need motivation to study or do my work. It's just the fear of failing that gets me to do it. I've yet to fail a class before, and I'd be devastated if I ever did.</p>

<p>Go for a run, play the bass, battle a lion hand-to-hand. </p>

<p>Think about what drives you, too. Why are you in college? Whatever your goal is, you're probably not gonna attain it if you stay in a funk. </p>

<p>I understand the winter blues all too well, hell maybe you've got a mild form of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder... frankly I think almost everybody exhibits it to some extent). You just gotta distract yourself from negative thoughts and keep yer chin up.</p>

<p>Picture yourself 5-10 years from now. Imagine what you dream of doing/becoming. Don't overwork yourself and go out with friends on weekends if that's the only way to get your mind out of academic mode. Think about all of the money you (or your parents) are spending to get you educated. Do you want it to go to waste? Nope. The higher your grades, the better chance you might get that interview you want for your dream job.</p>

<p>Honestly, when I lose all motivation for school-work I usually just let the quality of my assignments slip until I finally realize how stupid I've been and then I kick myself in the ass and play catch-up in my courses.</p>