What do you do with a foreign language major?

<p>I'm a high school student, not sure what I want to do. I really like other languages and pick them up fairly easily. But what would I DO with a major in another language?</p>

<p>The obvious answer is teach. If you become truely fluent, particularly in a non-romance language, multinationals based in the USA will be happy to train you in whatever it is they need. The State Department and the "three letter" agencies are always hiring as well...</p>

<p>Translating is another good option. Also, to expand on what William said, you are not limited to teaching that language. You can also teach English as a second language. There are also companies that hire based on language knowledge for customer relations, etc. I saw one company that was looking for people with multiple languages to work in departments doing orders, billing, etc with international customers. With the foreign language business courses that so many universities are offering now you could even focus on international trade.</p>

<p>Language skills are one of the most flexible there are, you just have to consider all the ways you can interact with those that speak that language (or would like to).</p>

<p>you can consult with companies, and go around teaching english, or the language u are fluent in. Usually though for professor jobs, u cant get one unless it is in a dead language and u are like the best. But most the time for all other languages, native fluency wont cut it if it is not ur first language. </p>

<p>In my oppinion, foreign language majors are one of the BEST majors you can pick because it can help you in nearly every workeable field.</p>

<p>You can find work in various government agencies: United Nations(french is the official language),CIA(you don't have to be a spy or assassin,lol, you can be a translator),etc.</p>

<p>I believe you can get jobs in public policy and social work as well with a foreign language major. My cousin did something like that. This especially applies if you want to work in a major urban area.</p>

<p>okay so here it goes
i am loking for a college or university that has a good translating and interpreting program.
i realy want to work for the United Nations or any other government organization.
i am taking spanish now in highschool..but i need to find a school.
also i want to know what my major should be.
i want to work internationally.
what other majors should i consider,,,,since i want to work internationally.
i will really apreciate any suggestions
i reallly love languages and working internationally and also traveling

<p>civil service, teaching, and clerk jobs are what you'll end up doing if you're really into it</p>

<p>why not ask what college your fl teacher went to?</p>

what other majors should i consider,,,,since i want to work internationally.


<p>International Studies/Relations would be the obvious choice.</p>

<p>msdiva - no offence, but I think you might want to gain a little more control of your english before you decide to major in spanish.

<p>Look into the UN, CSI, FBI</p>