What do you guys plan to do at Princeton?

<p>Hey! Just thought we should have a thread to see what activities people are interested in getting involved in at Princeton! =).</p>

<p>I plan to row and sleep and that's about it.</p>

<p>first priority is partying...
then studying...
then playing tenis...
then i want to change my sleeping habits little bit,because sleeping 10 hours a day looks like a luxury at the princeton.
so less sleep for me,more fun ;o)
oh,i almost forgot,there will be probably also some learning...
hopefuly not much of it ;o)</p>

<p>Peterboh- are you going to play varsity or club or intramural?</p>

<p>I'm probably going to try club... thats IF I go to Princeton</p>

<p>What do you mean "IF i go to Princeton?"</p>

<p>Study Physics and Math
Would like to learn French and German (from what i know at least one foreign language is mandatory, right?)
Enjoy the core curriculum.</p>

<p>Most of my spare time you will probably find me on the climbing wall in the armory.
Would like to do some rowing and does Princeton have a martial arts club? (please say yes, please say yes!)</p>

<p>just means that I haven't totally decided yet... its between Princeton and Stanford, which I visit this weekend</p>

<p>I already eliminted Yale (cuz of New Haven and I don't like the way that the colleges break up the students) and Harvard (the atmosphere was too stressful and pressure-filled)</p>

<p>senioritis04: i don't know how you call it,but i will play for the team and for the school...
go tigers ;o)
come on...stanford?never heard of it ;o)
here in slovakia most of the people know only harvard and nothing else...
if i say princeton they always ask me,where it is...they don't have slightest idea it even exists...
but stanford is even worse...;o)</p>

<p>Revan... me thinks we are going to be good friends... German, math, and rowing? Heck yeah!</p>

<p>i'd like to play in a band, and do sports (tennis especially). definitely martial arts. princeton does have a martial arts club revan. :D
as for languages: arabic. the program in near eastern studies sounds great too</p>

<p>what kind of martial arts? i do choy lee fut kung fu...and my guess is that it's probably not that.</p>

<p>Prettyfish- I'm interested in trying rowing for the first time at Princeton (I asked in one of the Princeton chats and someone told me that it was possible to walk-on). I was wondering if you knew anything more about the teams--Do you know if there are specific teams for people who haven't rowed before? Does rowing have club/intramural? Is it really competitive to get onto one of these "beginner" teams or can anyone row?</p>

<p>They definitely have walk-ons, and walk-ons can be the very best rowers - my current coach didn't start rowing until her freshman year of college, and went to national team camps, so yeah, it's possible. As far as I know, they don't have club or intramural, but they have like, varsity and JV and so you'll be with ppl your own skill level. Also, how big are you? Guy or girl? etc. etc. Because I can get you in contact with the coach that matches your category (open/heavy/lightweight, etc.) Or if you're interested in coxing... </p>

<p>Catch me on AIM if you want to chat more about it, rowing is AWESOME. funnylikeajoke is my sn</p>

<p>that's good to know!
I'll be new to competition rowing too but i look forward to it. I sometimes spend summers in the Danube Delta and the main means of transportation there used to be fishermen's boats and i really enjoyed rowing around the lakes and canals there.</p>

<p>Oh yeah and what kind of martial arts?
I'm a beginner (9 kyu - very beginner) in Ashihara Karate, but i love it. Mainly because the Sensei is an excellent teacher and the style itself is very interesting.</p>

<p>I bet that's a different kind of rowing though - did you use your arms more or your legs? Because /real/ rowing is all legs ;)</p>

<p>Almost all arms. And some back muscles and maybe abs. But no legs. You sit on a fixed bench. Still you're not getting me to change my mind so easily about rowing. Does riding a bicycle help your rowing?</p>

<p>Ok yeah, this rowing is completely different - and AMAZINGLY better. For starters, the seat slides, and you'll most likely be sweeping - that means only 1 oar. </p>

<p>Riding a bike helps your rowing a TON. It is the closest thing to rowing on a machine that you can do without actually using an erg. I would highly suggest you bike as much as you can to get your quads in shape.</p>

<p>Good then. I'm good at biking. Biked 500km in 5 days last summer, through the highest roads in Romania. Hopefully we will be able to do something like that again this year. Looking forward to rowing!!</p>

<p>Thanks prettyfish! I'll try and get you on AIM sometime! What else do you think would be good preparation for rowing besides biking?</p>

<p>If you can find a local YMCA with an erg (rowing machine), that's the best. Definitely work on building up your lactic acid tolerance - we do lots of sprints to help with that. We also do an amazing circuit which targets rowing muscles which I'll give to you on AIM, rather than incoherantly explaining it here ;)</p>