What do you guys think my chances are?

<p>I have at least a unweighted GPA of a 3.4, no more than a 3.5 and a weighted GPA of a 3.8-3.9. My class rank is in the Top 5%, but I go to one of those really bad schools. I was never involved in any clubs Freshmen and Sophomore year, but I was in Big Brother Big Sister and VP of Best Buddies Junior year. I'm also chosen as President for this upcoming year. I have about 75 hours of Community service as of right now. My GPA's are based on ALL the courses that I've taken.</p>

<p>I've taken the SAT and I flunked it- 1330/2400.</p>

<p>I plan on taking the next ACT and send in my applications, but the only obstacle for me is that I do really bad in standardized testing. Considering my GPA and everything involved, what do you guys think I need to score on my ACT in order to be admitted?</p>

<p>I really, REALLY want to attend in fall 2010!!</p>

<p>No answer? T_T You guys can be blunt- I know where I stand, I just wanted to get different opinions.</p>

<p>You need to retake the SAT and get at least a 1050 to be considered. Even with that score your application will still most likely be deferred until later in the year. UCF weights the GPA differently than your high school, only considering your core academics, i.e. English, Math, History, Science. Try to figure it out that way. They will not really look at extracurriculars, etc. and base their admission decisions on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. This year I imagine it will be more difficult to be accepted at any of the state universities due to the budget crunches. Apply to start in the Summer 2010 term, and keep retaking those standardized tests, so they can see you are really putting forth the effort to get to where you need them to be!</p>

<p>Take the ACT in addition to the SAT again. Are you in-state or out-of-state?</p>

<p>Retake the SAT and take the ACT. Goto fact.org and sign up. This is where you can find out your actual weighted GPA. In addition it will identify if you have all the core classes taken to be accepted. And this is where you find out your elibibility for Bright Future.</p>

<p>UCF average GPA is 3.7 and SAT is 1270. I am saying average and that is not the requirement. They will accept students below that with the community volunteer work, recommendations, etc. What UCF likes to offer the students who fall below their requirements is the following:</p>

<p>You may apply for fall admission. UCF will offer you the summer admission.</p>

<p>In addition more freshman are applying in the Fall than for the Spring semester. So if you are worried about being accepted, you may consider apply for adminision in the Spring semester.</p>

<p>Hope that helps.. Also if you have Bright Future and Florida PPD that gives you an extra edge as well. Since UCF is a state college they receive fundings and part of the requirement is they have to accept a certain amount of students with the above programs.</p>

<p>Don't hesitate to apply for Summer though. D, being OOS, was not a guarantee even though she was considered average at UCF. UCF was her #1 choice (because of her major) and at first she was hesitate to start in Summer.</p>

<p>She has less than 2 weeks left for Summer B and absolutely loved her experience and friends who will not be starting until Fall are jealous at the Summer kids because they already know every inch of the campus, some of the professors, and are familiar with the surrounding area, a great head-start to the craziness of Fall when football and the upperclassmen show up.</p>

<p>I'm studying for the ACT and plan to take it before I send in applications. Honestly, my family planned a trip to my country before I start my College experience, but I can give that up, if it means I have to start early. I'm not happy about it, but if that's what it takes to get admitted, then I'm willing to do it. I'm qualified for the Gold Seal 75% scholarship as of right now. I do want the 100%, so I will be working hard towards that goal. I'm in-state, JerseyShoreMom. I want to attend fall term so bad T_T I think it all goes up to my ACT scores right now.</p>

<p>It's saddening that my family doesn't offer much support. My Dad even tells me I won't get admitted, but I'm determined to prove him wrong.</p>

<p>JerseyShoreMom, are there any more advices you can give me? Is it easy to make friends there? I've never been away from my family before, so I'm a little nervous.</p>

<p>When does Summer term start? What about Spring?</p>

<p>Thank you so much to everyone who answered.</p>

<p>Summer term starts the last week of June and goes until the first week of August. Springs starts in January.</p>

<p>Apply EARLY if you think you might be on the fence. By early, I mean the beginning of August or whenever the Fall 2010 application comes up. Send them the SAT scores you have now. Make your application shine, put down all your ECs and really work on your essay, even if it's not mandatory. When you go back to school, ask for recommendations from teachers and/or guidance counselors. Your file for review will not be complete until you have your application in, recommendations, and score reports. </p>

<p>My best advice is to apply EARLY!!! Applicants who were on the fence who applied in November or later were deferred. Take the SAT again and the ACT in the Fall and submit those scores, too. Good luck!!</p>

<p>We sent in a packet since D was initially deferred. In it it had an introductory letter, resume-which included all her extracurriculars, talents, education info..basically anything we could think of, a couple of essays that were different than the ones on the application, 3 letters of recommendation- 2 from teachers, 1 from employer, and even a candid pic. It made up quite a nice summary. The deferrment stayed the same. Then she retook the SAT and even though she really only scored 30 points higher on one of the subjects (and lower on a couple others), I think it helped put her over the top. So if you are deferred at first, try these things as it may just show your determination to be accepted. And JSM is absolutely correct- Apply soon! August is NOT too early! </p>

<p>D has had a great experience starting in Summer Session as well. Loves it! Her friends also wish they had started when she did. You only take 2 courses in this session, so it eases up some free time and really helps make friends too. Keep us posted!</p>

<p>alongwait, I didn't know your D is there for Summer!! My D is there too and is SAD to be coming home next Friday. She said she wants just to come home fro one day, have a meal, see the pets, hug the family, sleep in her own bed, get together with friends and GO BACK to UCF!!! It was such a positive experience for her and I'm glad she didn't sit around here all summer (although she would have had a job) like all of her friends. Now, when she goes back in Fall, she'll be so much more familiar with the campus and surrounding area that a few friends that are not expected to arrive until Fall have already asked her to show them around!!</p>

<p>Is your D going to rush? D went to her first "frat party" on campus in one of the houses last weekend. Oh boy.</p>

<p>Mizz, yourv involvement as President of the Senior Class and Big Brother/Big Sister will look wonderful on your application. UCF likes to see kids involved. She applied to Summer because she knew she was not an automatic accept (with her scores) and she was out-of-state, which all played against her. D's scores were borderline but I believe it was her resume, recommendations (one from the superintendent of schools) and ECs (and the fact that she applied EARLY) that got her in. Well, not really, she was initially deferred, retook the SAT, went up 30 points, and then admitted her. She applied in September, was waitlisted in October, and accepted in December.</p>

<p>Yes, she is in Nike 106 and loves it! She is going to RUSH and we have set up her early move in for that as well. For the Fall Semester she will be in Lake Claire in building #63. I've asked her if she's met any NJ girls, but so far she has not. LOL. </p>

<p>She feels completely comfortable at UCF and realizes now just how important it is to pick a school that is the right fit. Originally she wanted to go up to Hofstra in NY just to get away, and is now glad she did not do that. Her scores were also borderline and we saw on here that applying for Summer may help gain admittance. That is how I got the idea to switch her application from Fall to Summer. Once we did that, she was accepted in like 10 days. Now I have another D getting ready to apply for 2010. Do you think it's too early to send in the application for Summer 2010, or should we wait a month?</p>

<p>If the application is open on UCF's website, then I would say it's never too early.</p>

<p>That's funny, I know three different people at UCF from NJ (including one of my roommates last year, actually). Apparently Orlando is the place to be if you grew up in New Jersey!</p>

<p>No no, I'm chosen as President for a club called Best Buddies, working with the autism department, not President of the Senior class. I'm also going to a leadership training camp this weekend. My SAT scores are BEYOND low, so I'm not too sure whether I should submit those- I'm afraid they will just automatically reject me. I actually sent an email to UCF's admission office, and to my surprise, I did get a response. She told me to send in my applications early also- so I think I will be doing that. </p>

<p>With you guys talking about your daughters' experience during Summer term at the school really makes me want to apply around that time now! Only thing is that my summer vacation plans with my family will all go out the window. I don't know! I'm so confused on what to do right now.</p>

<p>Is there a later date for summer term? D:</p>

<p>And also, what if they just reject me on the spot due to my SAT scores? That's why I'm most afraid of.</p>

<p>The Summer term that is available starts the last week of June and ends around the end of the first week of August. It's a 6 week deal. </p>

<p>I don't know if they would just out and out reject you due to your SAT scores if you applied this early, but would probably defer you until you took the test again. You could call the admissions counselors and just talk to them about your stats and see what they have to say. Can't hurt.</p>

<p>A 1330 SAT is not beyond low. jswdlw said that the average SAT score is SAT is 1270 so your first test is slightly above average. Also, document on your application all of the clubs, positions held, and volunteering throughout your high school career, including the leadership training camp. You want your application to shine. UCF will not begin to look at your application until all of your documents are complete, which includes not only SAT/ACT score(s) but the application fee, recommendations and your high school transcript.</p>

<p>The average is 1270/1600, and my score is out of 2400 T_T I knew I should of took the test seriously. I didn't study a bit, didn't read the passages before answering the questions, and my nerves definitely got to me D:</p>

<p>Take the SAT again. It is a proven fact that students who take the test a second time will increase their results. My son was told the written portion was not scored and was shocked when he got his first score. Then he went back in and everything went up. </p>

<p>I believe UCF requires SAT and ACT. The ACT is much easier than the SAT.</p>

<p>My S applied for the fall, late January, and was offerred enrollment for the summer in March. I think he was an exception to the rule as it sounds like alot of folks got deferred. He didn't do anything special with his admission application. Just filled it out online and had his high school transcript sent to the college.</p>

<p>UCF has an acceptance rate of about 50%. So if you really want to go to UCF and your gpa, sat, and act are on the border I would suggest you apply for the summer or spring. My s had to make a choice between going to the college of his choice or his summer vacation. I don't think he has regretted that choice to date.</p>

<p>The ACT isn't mandatory. I never took it.</p>

<p>my D thought the ACT was harder than the SAT. The results on both tests were comparable for her though. Take both if you can, so it at least shows you are continuing to try to raise those scores.</p>