what do you guys think my chances are? :)

<p>colleges: pomona, wash u in st louis, duke, vanderbilt, northwestern, tufts, boston college, princeton and dartmouth (maybe brown)</p>

<p>Native American citizenship
-School: Public, but not totally crappy
-GPA: 3.8 weighted
-ACT: 30
-SAT 2: havn't gotten them back yet but probably in the 700s for physics math 2 and French
-Ranked: top 25% </p>

-Full IB diploma
-IB French, Spanish, and Lit
-college credit math class and history class at P(ortland)SU</p>

<p>Other Stuff:
-Honor Roll all of High School
-Student Athlete award all three years
-National Honor Society(Inducted as a junior) Tutoring director, tutoring kids every other day
-Spanish Honor Society
-French Honor Society
-Played Varsity Soccer 2 years (2 Letters, JV twice)
-Founder and president (chief) of my school's Native American Club junior year
-French club member 3 years, one of which I was the activities director
-Volunteered at a youth soccer camp for a summer
-Club soccer all year. Team is top 5 in Oregon
-Model United nations 2 years
-Key Club member 2 years
-volunteer at Nature conservancy and Friends of the Columbia Gorge
-This summer I'll be interning with one of the top cardiologists regionally
-Link Crew (mentor for incoming freshmen throughout year)</p>

<p>Good recommendations (I think)
-History teacher and Native American club advisor who loves me
-NHS advisor who sees me tutor every other day</p>

-starter of a waxing snowboard and ski for two winters
-starter of a lawn mowing and bark dust spreading business one summer
-Helping Native Americans sell fish to top restaurants on the East Coast
-Law paralegal for 2 years</p>

<p>Essay about my dad developing cancer my sophomore summer</p>

<p>Doesn't matter WHAT you have. You're native American. I'm not joking man, just apply to Harvard. I am dead serious. They have special quotos for Native Americans so pretty much, you could have 2.5 GPA and get into Harvard. </p>

<p>HAve fun.</p>

<p>If you are a tribal member, Honorlions is correct that it is huge admissions trump card because Native Americans are a hugely underrepresented group among undergraduate students.</p>

<p>However, I would respectfully offer a caution to you. If you play that trump card in order to get into a school that your accomplishments and preparation would not otherwise allow you admission to, are you setting yourself up for a very difficult time? Every day, on every assignment and on every test, you will be competing with the nation's brightest and best if you get into a place like Harvard or Princeton. Are you prepared to do that for four years?</p>

<p>I applaud both your accomplishments and your ambition. But for 10 years I was on the faculty at Oregon State University and watched the social and academic challenges that the tribal students faced, and they were significant. So I might encourage you to think about finding the most challenging school that you can succeed in, and not merely the most challenging school you can get admitted to. I believe the set where you could succeed is huge.</p>