What do you guys think will happen?

<p>I used to go to this other school and I spent my freshman year and half of my sophomore year there and then transfered to my present school where I am a senior. When I went to the other school I never studied or cared about school and received mostly C+ and B- grades. Then once I transfered into my new school I was just somehow inspired and started getting straight As in all AP/honors courses. So my transcript pretty much reads: freshman year gpa 80 sophmore year gpa 86 (avg of the 1 semester at my old school and 1 semester at my new school) junior year gpa 97 senior year gpa 98. I included an essay about my change in most all of my applications and I was wondering how you guys feel this will be viewed by admissions officers. My other stats are below:</p>

<p>SATs: 700 CR 730 M 740 W
SAT IIs: 720 Chem 750 Math II 760 US Hist
APs: 5 Euro, 5 Calc AB, 4 US, 3 Chem
EC: President Model Congress, Vice-President junior statesmen of america, pantry manager at a food pantry
Teacher recs were amazing and I thought my essays were pretty great too</p>

<p>I applied to all the ivies, MIT, Stanford, NYU, UVA, Georgetown, BC, Rollins
I EAd to Yale and got deferred (which I took as a sign that colleges were willing to overlook my freshman and first half soph years), rejected RD from MIT and NYU so far, and accepted to Rollins</p>

<p>So, thoughts?</p>

<p>One word: crapshoot.</p>

<p>The one nice thing I like that seperates you from the other post is that you didn't ask about chances, but thoughts. You sound sincere when you said that you really pulled a 180 in your work ethic. You should get accepted into a few of schools you applied to if you really are seen as sincere in your essays and recs. Since you posted here, I'm guesssing Yale is your first-choice. If you don't get in RD, you'll do good wherever you go.</p>

<p>One last thing: adding your school location could help people see how competitive a chance you have. I'm not saying being from a competitive SoCal or NE area won't hurt, but being from North Dakota helps, as I hear alot of people say on CC.</p>

<p>Catholic school in New Jersey. Most people go to state schools but not very many to Ivies (maybe one a year). And, No one from my school has ever gone to Yale.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm practically in the exact same situation! The only difference is that my grades were much worse than your grade before I came to my new school. I was basically as bad as I could get. But the reasons for my bad grades were not that I was lazy or so, they had mostly to do with my school itself and with my family situation. I did not specifically address this issue, but I wrote one essay about the circumstances in my family, hoping that the admission officers would be able to conclude that these circumstances prevented me from doing better / changing schools. I wrote another essay about changing schools and I hope that my attitude and what I showed about my personality made it clear that the reason for my bad grades was certainly not my (non-existent) laziness. I was worried about my old grades, just as you, but, also just as you, I applied to Yale EA and was deferred, concluding that they were willing to overlook my old grades. I guess there is some hope that old grades won't kill an otherwise excellent applicant, so good luck to you :) Please let me know (pm or so) about your admission decision! Thanks</p>

<p>Btw: Our apply lists look very similar, too :)</p>

<p>Does your school have a nationally recognized football program? </p>

<p>Persay, St. John Bosco? Just wondering. There's another good NJ private school with a really talented program but I can't remember the name. All I know is that Bosco owns them every time they meet in the playoffs, and I'm on the West Coast.</p>

<p>A better question is, do most from your school apply to Yale or the other Ivies? If not, you're looking at less competitiveness from your region or pool, which help if you already come from a school where there are plenty of overachievers.</p>

<p>I'll wake up excited like a child on Christmas after a night of nail bitting nerves, rush to the mailbox with the glee and hope of the innocence only to be greeted by three small sized envelopes respectively from, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia. At that point I will crawl into a fetal position right there on the curb and sob myself into a coma. Forever soiled and jaded by this world.</p>

<p>Oh. You meant you? I don't know, I have my own things to worry about. :p</p>

<p>LOL undisclosed!</p>

<p>good luck??</p>