What do you guys think?

<p>Chance for RD</p>

<p>SAT - 2080 750 W 710 M 620 CR
SAT 2 - 660 Math 620 US 460 Lit (BIG PROBLEM)
GPA - 3.8
Rank - Top 10% of 460 + class (public school in NE PA)
Transcript - Hardest courses available in each subject
AP's - Junior Year: 5 Gov 3 US
Senior Schedule - AP Micro AP Macro AP Calc BC AP Lit AP World Psych and an elective</p>

<p>EC's - Varsity Baseball (multiple letters), NHS, Intern for Barack Obama Campaign, HOBY, NYLC, Presidential Classroom, Election Club, Eagle Scout, FBLA Tres, Mu Alpha Theta, Church Youth Group, .... etc.</p>

<p>Hook - I have major political background, both in the classroom and in campaign experience .... want to continue that at Nova as an Econ or Finance major</p>

<p>What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Thank you</p>


<p>thank you ..... no other thoughts????</p>

<p>you are in definitely</p>

<p>thnks ..... bump</p>

<p>innnnnnnnnnnnn . btw i dont think nova requires subject tests anyway . how come you did not do ea. you would have tried for the pres scholarship. but maybe you submitted everything by 11/15 so you might be considered.</p>

<p>you won't be considered for the presidential scholarship because essays have to be written and in by jan 7th as well as a principal recommendation specifically for the scholarship</p>

<p>yea im in going for the pres. scholarship ... but what are my chances for regular admission</p>

<p>I think you will def get in..I have really similar scores and got in EA</p>