What do you guys think?

<p>What do you guys think should be the ssat scores for 8th graders? Because everywhere I go on cc, I seem to see 8th graders being in the high 90's. I just took them today and I dont understand how an 8th grader could get a scoe so high on a test for 9th-11th graders.</p>

<p>It’s by percentile and all you have to do is study.</p>

<p>what do you mean percentile?</p>

<p>check the grading system. its scaled by what grade you’re in. and the test isn’t really that hard at all so its completely understandable. correction: the test is made for 8-10th graders</p>

<p>When someone says they got a 97 on the ssat, it doesn’t mean that they got 97 percent of the questions correct, like on a school test. It means that they score as well or better than 97% of the people of the same age and gender who have taken the test in the last three years. Conversely, Only 3 percent did better.</p>

<p>Let’s say the ssat had 200 questions on it. You could get way more than 6 wrong and still get in the 97th tile.</p>

<p>Also, it would be physically impossible for everyone to be in the 90’s. Because it percentages.</p>

<p>CC isn’t typical of the majority of the population. I know several people who do slightly better than me in school because they’re try hard and organized/study heaps who scored in the 70s. Also as neato said it’s percentillesbased on grade level not overall percents. Google the difference.</p>

<p>Blue, you need a tee-shirt that says “google it!” :)</p>

<p>A similar thing happened at my son’s school, but only three other kids took the ssat.</p>

<p>Actually neato, my friend and I were making tee-shirts online and mine said Google:The 21st Centurys cyrystal Ball
Cost to much to actually print though.</p>