What do you like about BSC? Pros/Cons?

<p>We visited BSC yesterday and found a lot to like.<br>
Here is my list of BSC pros and cons. Share yours!
The campus is beautiful and facilities are up-to-date, especially the science building.<br>
Students were articulate and friendly, engaging us in conversation and answering our questions.
Educators are excited to be there and enjoy their work.
During the snowstorm/gridlock two weeks ago, students worked to help stranded motorists by providing shelter and assistance. No one asked them; they teamed together and just did it.
The college president is charismatic and has a wonderful rapport with the students. He made the statement that, 'we will learn who you are and help you match your interests and capabilities to career and graduate education goals.
There are a lot of opportunities for internships and research. There's a huge medical community in Birmingham so those wanting a pre-med experience has a lot of choices for internships and research.
It's a live-on-campus community. Even some professors live on a street on-campus! The president's house is on-campus.
Merit aid is generous.
There is a Birmingham Southern "bubble" but the new president is pairing education with training/experiential learning opportunities.<br>
Recently recertified as a college that changes lives.</p>

Older, edgy neighborhood but the campus is fenced/security is on-site.</p>

<p>Your turn! Any skeletons in BSC's closet? </p>

<p>My son is finishing up his freshman year and has had a very positive experience. One thing I will say is his writing skills have increased significantly over the year. They write, in every class, a lot. Like, a lot a lot. He’s had a great experience and I like that the campus is pretty self contained. I will say the only thing he complains about is the food. It is in a sketchy neighborhood but it’s gated and so that has not been a factor. Campus police are good about being prevalent on campus but not harassing the kids. It is not a dry campus but at least I don’t have to worry about him driving. All in all, considering the generous aid package, it has been a very positive experience. He’s a film/media studies major and has managed to remain artsy while joining a fraternity. Seems like the kids are very accepting of everyone. Very friendly students and staff</p>