What do you need to prove "passion"? How big a deal is a "passion"

<p>Ok, do you need to have multiple ec's (like debate and forensics and mock trial) in one field or can you have one time consuming/difficult ec? (to show passion) Also, how big a deal is a "passion?" I ran a marathon and running is my passion. im gonna write a great essay on it next year. If i had average stats, would this marathon "hook" (some might call it just an ec) be enough to get me in? this is just an example. dance, figure skating, taekwondo are other things that you might be really good at that will come into play. im pretty sure that very few harvard/college applicants are gonna be marathon runners (most would wait until they are in college before starting prep for one) do you think that this kind of ec is unique and interesting enough to rely on? i have some other cool stuff, but this is my big one. also, do you think running one marathon is enough, or should i run another to show that im interested in continuing? do all big ec's have to be national awards for research etc. or can they just be something you spend a lot of time doing/love? keep in mind im looking for the harvard standpoint.</p>

<p>So basically what do you need to show passion, and what effect on admissions does a passion really have? some colleges stress it, some dont. from what i understand to get in, you have to be perfect and then have a passion to just edge you in over the competition.</p>

<p>dude, you're applying to a school in/near boston, idk how big a hook marathon running is going to be considering every adcom will either know a marathon runner or have run in one themselves</p>

<p>Running a marathon is cool and shows passion, yes, but it is not an outstanding fact that would be considered a "hook." Unless you are a recruited athlete, it will not get you in. </p>

<p>Passion is passion, and adcoms probably look for it, but passion won't get you in. My friend is passionate about art, but it doesn't mean her status as a B-, 1650 student is going to disappear. It needs to be accompanied by something else, whether that be outstanding skill or top academics. I mean, they weren't going to turn down Yo-Yo Ma because he didn't take calculus or whatever, but they're also not going to accept the moderately advanced cellist in your high school orchestra who practices several hours a day unless he has top academics. </p>

<p>As to what Rickster said, I do think that this is true. I know a lot of people who have run marathons; yes, they weren't kids, but having done it is definitely not a novelty around here.</p>

<p>yea man well, every adcom will tell you, passion is great, they look for passion. But if you don't have the grades and the personality to back that up, it means squat, esp for harvard who looks for well rounded people, i.e. GOOD in EVERYTHING.</p>

<p>Well "passion" is supposedly what differenciates the good from the best in college admissions. So considering all other things are top notch passion should get you in. (I have average stats for a harvard applicant, good grades 700 and up on sat's (well i think-i took um day before yesterday) and some club presidencies etc. basically i have nothing different about me, in some cases im probobly worse then the avg harvard admit. im just hoping that by showing some dedication to this sport, i can give myself that little extra that drives them to admiting me. I dont know what to make out of it, most people here think its pretty cool, but everyone on this site says its nothing. it doesnt really bother me. its like i wont do it because its not gonna ge tme into college, but im still not sure whether its a big deal or not. im guessing it isnt. oh well. i was kinda hoping that because so many adults and adcoms have run one, that they would be able to somehow relate to it. im still not sure how many high school kids have run one however.)</p>

<p>i ran one but didnt put in on my college application</p>

<p>wrestling coach "encouraged" a bunch of us train and run for one and i know of a couple other teams that did the same, not to mention a couple Cross country kids who i know participated.</p>

<p>hopefully it helps you though! good luck</p>

<p>really? thats cool, what marathon did you run? (just to make sure, you are talking about the 26.2 ones right? a lot of people think any race is a marathon. i doubt thats you though)</p>