What do you say to a person attending X school to tick them off?

<p>Cornell: "How was SUNY-Ithaca?"</p>

<p>Penn: "Oh, I know so many people who went to Penn state, great parties!"</p>

<p>Michigan: "Oh that's a top 20 state school right?"</p>

<p>add your own...</p>

<p>Northwestern? How do you like Boston?</p>

<p>Northwestern? Is that in Oregon?</p>

<p>Northwestern? Isn't that the school with the NCAA record for losses in football?</p>

<p>University of Chicago: "Oh, Circle Campus?"
X: "[long pause] What made you decide to go there?"</p>

<p>Smith: "That's such a great school. I'd have applied, but it was so far from my boyfriend's school, haha! Are you ... dating anyone?</p>

<p>Certain women's colleges in Massachusetts:</p>

<p>Mount Holyoke College
You: "Smith is more selective than Mt. Holyoke."
X: (defensive, flustered) "What?! Smith and Mt. Holyoke both accept about 50% of their applicants."
You: "Smith is more self-selecting."</p>

<p>Smith College
X: "I go to Smith."
You: "Really? I'm a lesbian too."</p>

<p>X: I go to North Carolina

<p>JJ Reddick is a c-word.</p>

<p>Duke: Tell me, how does it feel to lose to your arch-rival four years in a row at home?</p>

<p>Duke: Hey, UNC just landed Harrison Barnes, isn't that great?</p>

<p>Duke: When are you guys going to get a real football team?</p>