what do you think about...

<p>my chances of getting into Georgetown?</p>

<p>I am currently a junior at a nationally accreditted public magnet school in Maryland.</p>

GPA: 4.0
Weighted: 4.9 on five-point scale, although my school uses a six-point scale on which my weighted gpa would be 5.52
Currently ranked 1st out of approximately 315
SAT: 2200 (Math- 770 CR- 700 W- 730)
SAT MathII: 800
SAT Subject US History: 780
SAT Subject Physics: 740</p>

<p>AP Exams:
US Government and Politics- 5
World History- 4
Calculus AB - 5
Took US History, Psychology, Calculus BC, Spanish 5, and English Language and Composition this year. Expecting 5s on all but Spanish (4)
Next year will be taking Statistics, Physics B, English Lit, Macro and Micro Economics, Comparative Government, and Environmental Science</p>

Member of the National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and Mathematics Honor Society
Have been recognized as a National Merit Scholar this year- awaiting results for semi-finalists and such
Have been recognized as a Maryland Distinguished Scholar</p>

Three year varsity soccer player, co-captain junior year; will be playing again senior year
Class representative in Student Government Association
Three year participant, and current captain, of school's It's Academic (Quiz Bowl) Team
Participated in state-wide Model Congress and Model United Nations
Won both regional and state competitions held by MESA for effective communications(public persuasive speaking)
Placed third in regional physics olympics competition
Have worked a part-time job over the past two school years</p>

<p>I have certainly excluded some extracurriculars and such, but any input that anyone may have regarding my chances or how to broaden my resume would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>You are a very solid candidate. Good luck!</p>