what do you think I should major in

<p>I'm a Pisces if that helps to know what type of person I am and help answer the ques.</p>

<p>Originally, I choose Childhood Edu., but since I am transferring, I decided to change it to Psych and marketing. My mom wants me to major in something with job security, so by the time I graduate, I have a job that I'll keep for a long time (I think she's more worried about job security than job salary). Therefore, if I stick to Edu, she wants me to do Special Edu, and she says there's no job security for Psych (she said 1 of her friends' daughter majored in Psych, but couldn't find a job).</p>

<p>I don't mind Edu, but it's the K (and maybe 1st graders) and younger that will drive me nuts. I did service learning for a K class, and that experience made me re-think my major. I'm not very good at 1 subject, so MS (though I felt math was my strong subject [A's/90's] till I entered HS) and HS is out. Plus I hate routine more than change. I don't think Special Edu is for me. I don't think I'd be able to stand inclusion classes if they're high-functioning. But if it was a CTT class/aid always being there, then I think I wouldn't go nuts.</p>

<p>I wanted to do marketing because there is this company, in a different state where I am now, I want to work for since HS. They said:
Undergrad college students can apply for any intern positions in any of the following departments:
- Marketing (focus on PR, Marketing, Media, Viral, Film)
- Creative Services (creative development, digital content, web design)
- IT (Information Technology)
- Production (Trailer Development, Editing, Sound Design)
- Consumer Licensing (Licensing, Acquisitions)</p>

<p>So I thought majoring in 1 of these can bring me 1 step closer. I feel that if I want if my dream is to work for this company then I'd be able to work hard in my studies or improve and do well even if I was not good at it. There was this marketing 'contest' from that company, but I lost. And even if I will not be able to work for them, I want to take my major/degree and work somewhere else with job security at least.</p>

<p>What do you think? Is there any jobs you think can suit me, but fills in what was mentioned? I also can endure a period of mental, physical, or emotional hardship with no complaining, so if need be, I'll get through it. If you guys, look up what Pisces' personality is like, I would say it hits the mark maybe 95% [ex. I'm somewhat sympathetic, I can be materialistic, I'm not very visual/performing artsy though I do like it, I wouldn't consider my imagination vivid].
I would say this hits the mark about me:
HowStuffWorks</a> "March 4 Birthday Astrology"</p>

<p>btw, wasn't sure where to post this, so if there's someone who can put it in the right place, thanks!</p>

<p>Would appreciate a reply 'cause time is running short for me.</p>

<p>Hello there.</p>

<p>Well, you said you don’t mind education and your strongest subject was math. But you don’t like little kids.</p>

<p>Ever thought about being a math teacher? You get great benefits and it would be a job that would last you a while.</p>

<p>But if your dream job is to work for this company, you should apply for a position that is in big demand</p>

<p>IT and creative services might be the best choice.</p>

<p>You should major in engineering (Chem/Mech/Electrical/Civil), physics, chemistry, materials or computers.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies!</p>

<p>madogmgd, it’s not like I don’t like little kids. It’s that I don’t prefer teaching 1st [and maybe 2nd] graders and younger.
As long as there’s job security.
I’m kinda iffy about IT 'cause I don’t think I’m a very high-tech person; I don’t even know what a router/modem is or looks like. I have a bit of a past with HTML Skills, but wouldn’t be a genius at it.
I’m not sure if Creative Services has a specific/general major. I can’t really tell the difference…</p>

<p>LastThreeYears, science is my weakest subject. I get sleepy in class even if its primary school science.</p>

<p>I actually will think about computers/creative services… unless you mean how to fix them 'cause that links to IT?</p>

<p>I decided to stick with my original major and just minor. I think a double major might be too stressful.</p>