What Do you think my chances are of getting in to NYU?????

<p>Im a junior in high school and NYU has always been my dream school since as long as i can remember. I am indian and of the Sikh Religion if that helps.</p>

<p>I dont have a very high GPA yet. My cumulative for the last two years has been an 89 weighted but this year I'm on track to have a 95-96 weighted, so it would put my GPA to like 92. In 9th and 10th grade I took all honors classes. This year Im taking Honors English, APUSH, AP Psych, College Spanish, College Pre-Calc, Regents Physics (I'm going to self study for the AP physics exam). Next year Im taking AP Economics, AP Government, AP Calc, AP Bio, College Anatomy, deciding between regents or AP English. I am pretty sure i will get a SAT score around 2050-2100. I am in Interact club and equality club. I have 200 hours of internship at a clinic. I work at my dad's store everyday. I am going to get a few more houre of community service at the Boys and Girls Club. I was in Cross Country for Freshman and Sophomore year and this year I will probably do spring track. I am going to try and vounteer at a hospital this summer. I only took one regents class in all of high school and im getting a 96 in that class. THe worst grade ive gotten is a 79 in chem and that because my teacher was horrible. In order to show colleges that im not that bad in chem, I will be taking the SAT II for Chem soon and hopefully get a highs score on it.</p>

<p>So what do you think my chances are?</p>

<p>You, definetly have a pretty good chance. Keep in mind - admissions officers don’t just look at ONE part of your application, they look at you as a WHOLE. I would just say, write some rockin’ essays, and you’re in ;)</p>

<p>Any suggestions on writing the essay?</p>