What do you think my chances are?: Transfering from Cal Poly Pomona into UCLA/UCSD/UC

<p>I have applied for 2009 fall admissions for UCLA. So far I took 60 quarter of units and have a GPA of about 3.67. How good do you guys think my chances are? I am currently majoring in Biology at CPP and have applied for Biophysics and regular Biology. So far I have taken a year of trigonometry based physics and Chemistry, one semester of Biology all which I have gotten solid A's, and alot of CSU General Ed courses. I have one C for an upper division computer science course that I mistakenly took freshmen fall (I'm not even sure that this course transfers), if it wasn't for that I would be getting a 3.75. I know 3.67 is not that high of a GPA, considering that I do not get top priority, but my core class science GPA is very close to 4.0. Thanks, and I really appreciate the feedback, especially from those that were in similar situations in the previous years.</p>